As seen in Stranger Things S1 · E2 · Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street:
Both Joyce & Jonathan hear the song at different times during the episode, reminding them of Will. (Deliberately vague to avoid spoilers)

As seen in The Vampire Diaries S8 · E3 · You Decided that I Was Worth Saving:
Stefan tries to write to Elena when Alaric joins him at the bar, then they discuss Sybils' hold on Damon; Sybil beings to rewrite Damon's memories of them in purgatory; (Damon's memory) Damon works on breakfast when Sybil comments on his having too many attachments; Tyler urges Damon resist Sybil control and if he can't then he'll martyr himself to make sure that he never forgets his wrong doings.

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