As seen in Person of Interest S5 · E9 · Sotto Voce:
End of the episode with Reese and Fusco on the roof with Reese telling Fusco the rest of the truth. Then the team meets up by the ocean and Shaw joins them.

As seen in Person of Interest S5 · E10 · The Day The World Went Away:
Root and Shaw converse during the shootout with Samaritan's agents and rescue Harry. 'Shapes' conversation.

As seen in Person of Interest S5 · E10 · The Day The World Went Away:
Finch gets a call, the end of the episode from the machine. Reese gets the call that Root is dead.

As seen in UnREAL S2 · E1 · War:
Quinn tells Rachel she's needs to taking back control of show just for a little while; Rachel stares off into the distance as Quinn beings to take the reigns of the show back from her.

As seen in :
Star Trek Beyond Trailer #3; End credits.

As seen in :
Jaylah turn on music as she and Scotty try to fix USS Franklin.

As seen in :
Jaylah and USS Enterprise use the song for corrupting Krall drone ships communication systems.

As seen in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency S1 · E8 · Two Sane Guys Doing Normal Things:
Talking on the phone with Amanda Todd suddenly feels his hands burning and hurting right as She is screaming for help.

As seen in The OA S1 · E2 · New Colossus:
French's morning before heading to school.

As seen in Riverdale S1 · E1 · Chapter One: The River's Edge:
Kevin and Moose prepare to skinnny dip when they find Jason's body; Jughead continues writing about Jason; Jason's body is taken from the lake as people gather.

As seen in Riverdale S1 · E2 · Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil:
Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Betty hang out at the Pop's; Archie does to talk with Weatherbee and sees the Sheriff leaving; Weather and Sheriff Keller go science room to take Cheryl in for questions.

As seen in Riverdale S1 · E2 · Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil:
The group gangs out in the student lounge; Reggie questions Moose and Kevin about being at the lake and discovering Jason's body then suggest Jughead killed Jason; Archie gets into a fight defending Jughead.

As seen in Riverdale S1 · E4 · Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show:
Betty journals after making up with Archie; Ms Grundy leaves town; Jughead packs up his things and leaves the drive-in movie hunt when Jughead's dad asks him where he's going to live now.

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