As seen in Fortitude S2 · E1 · Episode 1:
Fortitude Season 2 Trailer

As seen in The Royals S3 · E6 · More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind:
Helena drinks on the balcony when Spencer finds her, she convinces to him her past to explain her current behavior and having sex with him.

As seen in Frequency S1 · E12 · Harmonic:
Raimy readies for bed when she hears a noise downstairs and finds her mom in the kitchen; Meghan phones her brother, Robbie; Robbie undresses then looks at the photos he has of Julie in his closet.

As seen in Quantico S2 · E9 · CLEOPATRA:
Harry tells Alex he can't help her find the AIC; Alex continues to tell Hannah what happened at CIA ranch; Miranda & Nimah discuss with Ryan how they are coping after AIC torture exercise.

As seen in Lucifer S2 · E12 · Love Handles:
Luciifer chungs from a keg to get Ashley's whereabouts; Chloe is hit on by a college student then finds Lucifer getting advice the college girls.

As seen in Lucifer S2 · E12 · Love Handles:
Lucifer leaves his mum and Maze at the bar after their confession; Lucifer rushes to Chloe's house to question her, only to find her in the bathroom, Bleeding uncontrollably from her nose.

As seen in Quantico S2 · E9 · CLEOPATRA:
Ryan & Alex reveal AIC phones; Leon watches Nimah leave Shelby's; Harry tells Alex about radiation pill in Owen; Shelby puts BOLO out on Alex & Miranda; Miranda admits she's a terrorist.

As seen in Arrow S5 · E10 · Who Are You?:
"Laurel" talks with Thea on the phone; Rory comments to Felicity about Laurel's resurrection and Malone's death; Rene talks to Oliver about how everyone is reacting to Laurel's return.

As seen in Star S1 · E5 · New Voices:
Star and Hunter have sex; Arlene confronts Star about spending 20000 of Hunter's money.

As seen in Fortitude S2 · E1 · Episode 1:
Fortitude Series 2 Trailer #2

As seen in Grey's Anatomy S13 · E10 · You Can Look (But You'd Better Not Touch):
Kristen screams for her mother who refuses to come so Bailey, Arizona and Jo tell her that their there for her as she goes through labor; Bailey pleads with Dr. eldridge to undo Kristen restraints which she does; Kristen delivers her baby girl.

As seen in Riverdale S1 · E1 · Chapter One: The River's Edge:
Veronica and Archie ask each other questions about their lives to pass the time in the closet during their 7 Minutes In Heaven and kiss even though they discuss they shouldn't.

As seen in The Royals S3 · E8 · In the Same Figure, Like the King That's Dead:
Eleanor checks her texts to see if Jasper replied; Eleanor finds Rosie at her door, she breaks her in; Spencer finds Helena's room empty; Helena and James cruise the Seine.

As seen in Suits S6 · E12 · The Painting:
Harvey broods at home when Donna arrives; repeats several times throughout the episode.

As seen in How to Get Away with Murder S3 · E15 · Wes:
Annalise goes to her old home; Laurel has morning sickness; Oliver calls the police station again; Connor continues to wait in holding; Asher tells Michaela he loves her; Laurel advises Michaela.

As seen in Riverdale S1 · E6 · Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!:
Betty and Jughead discouse Polly when Archie asks them what they're talking about; Archie offers to help Betty and Jughead with their plan to get to Polly, but Betty tells him no due him needing to practice for the talent show.

As seen in Bates Motel S5 · E4 · Hidden:
Norman and Madeleine have dinner, they discuss relationships and speaking up for theirselves; Norman urges Madeleine to talk with Sam when she asks if wants to bake a cake and watch a movie.

As seen in Bates Motel S5 · E4 · Hidden:
Madeleine and Norman bake a cake when they kiss then begin to make out.

As seen in Switched at Birth S5 · E7 · Memory (The Heart):
Ally applogizes to Bay for hurting her, Daphne and Regina and admits to all the things Daphne said and more, then Bay tells her she'll still do her tattoo but she has a different idea for it.

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