Last Week in Film & TV Music – 14 March 2017

#SXSW, Guild of Music Supervisors Awards, Promoting Your Sync, Feud Opening Titles, Covers in Trailers, Frank Palazzolo & Liza Richardson, 5 Female Music Supervisors to Know…

Welcome to Last Week, a new feature with links to our favorite stories about film & TV music over the past week or so.


Guide to  Music Supervision & Licensing Panels

Our friends at APM Music have put together this handy guide to all the SXSW sessions and meet ups to learn more about licensing music for TV and movies, and connect with music supervisors. (Source: APM Music)


Highlights Video: 2017 Guild of Music Supervisor Awards

Such a fun night, and we loved celebrating with everyone! (Source: Guild of Music Supervisors)


Promoting Your Sync Placement: How To Make The Most Of Your 30 Seconds Of Fame

Advice from veteran sync artist Aron Wright and Tunefind. Getting your music a coveted sync placement on a TV can often feel like a massive career breakthrough, but it’s also one which you need to plan for. Here we look at some of the best ways an artist can prepare for their ‘big moment’ if they know their music will soon be featured on a show. (Source: Hypebot)


‘Feud: Bette and Joan’ Main Titles: How That Striking Vintage Opening Sequence Got Made

Alexis Martin Woodall, Kyle Cooper and Mac Quayle explain the inspirations behind the sounds, shapes and colors of the show’s opening credits. (Source: IndieWire)


This Is Our Final Plea: Stop Soundtracking Movie Trailers With Somber, On-the-Nose Covers

We love an interesting, new, complex, and exciting take on an old favorite, but those seem few and far between lately. (Source: Vulture)


Supe of the Week: Frank Palazzolo & Liza Richardson – “The Leftovers”

Fun Q&A with the music masterminds behind The Leftovers soundtrack. (Source: Silo: Music)


5 Female Music Supervisors You Need To Know About

Too short of a list, in our opinion, given all the talented women music supervisors we know and love, but some much-deserved recognition on International Women’s Day for some of the amazing ladies behind the sounds of your favorite tv shows and movies. (Source: Superbized)


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