Last Week in Film & TV Music – 12 April 2017

Welcome to Last Week, with links to our favorite stories about film & TV music over the past week (or so), featuring favorite TV soundtracks and tons of sync insights…

For Artists Who Don’t Fit In Pop Radio, ‘Big Little Lies’ Standout Michael Kiwanuka Suggests TV

Six or seven months ago, soul singer Michael Kiwanuka got an email from his manager about a request to use his song “Cold Little Heart” on a HBO miniseries called Big Little Lies. Little did he realize how this would all turn out. (Source: Forbes)

This Website Will Help You Identify That Awesome Song That Played In Your Favorite TV Show

Having a track featured in a popular program can be a fantastic way for the song to shoot up the charts and the band or artist to break out in a major way…if people can identify what they were listening to, which isn’t always the case. Enter Tunefind. (Source: Forbes)

The mystery of trailer music, or ‘Why can’t I buy that Game of Thrones trailer song?’

We get this question all the time. Seriously. Some behind the scenes on how that trailer music comes together, and why a lot of it is impossible to get. (Source: The Verge)

‘The Get Down’ is back with a beautiful representation of the early hip-hop era

“I think this is one of the great music shows of all-time,” Touré boldly said of the Netflix series, which returns April 7. (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

Show Tunes, Pt. 2: Examining Music Supervision with Garrett McElver

In part two of three, Garrett McElver of SuperMusicVision (Better Call Saul, Love, Grace and Frankie) returns to discuss the intersection of film and music. (Source: Behind the Setlist)

From Big Little Lies to Twin Peaks: Here Are Our Favorite TV Soundtracks of All Time

Spin assembled a team to pay tribute to some of their personal favorites. Any of your favorites missing from the list? (Source: Spin)

This Fortnight in Music Supervision and Sync (07/04/17)

A great roundup of all the sync news around the web. (Source: Synchblog)

Junkie XLLearn the Ins & Outs of Film Scoring With Junkie XL’s Tom Holkenborg: Watch

If you loved the music of Deadpool, Mad Max: Fury Road, Black Mass and Justice League you love the work of Tom Holkenborg, aka seasoned producer Junkie XL. Holkenborg scored all those films, and he’s become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after composers. Lucky for you, he’s returning to YouTube for a second season of his eye-opening “Studio Time” vlog series. (Source: Billboard)

Guild for Music Supervisors in U.K., Europe Launches: ‘The Sync Industry Is Very Unique’

Iain Cooke, whose credits include films about Amy Winehouse and Oasis, has been chosen as the guild’s first president. (Source: Billboard)

How Commercials Swallowed Indie Rock

There’s no stigma against ‘selling out’ anymore, but the blanket use of indie bands in the ad world is taking its toll regardless. (Source: Digital Music News)

Just Sync: Why Sync Matters More Than Ever

In this video, get exclusive insights from Mary Ramos, world-renowned music supervisor of Quentin Tarantino, as well as top executives at Warner & Imagem on why sync matters more than ever. From the never-ending quest for up-and-coming artists to unique opportunities provided to bands by successful sync placements, they share their vision about sync, now a more and more significant source of revenues for labels and publishers. (Source: MidemBlog)

“Pitches should be specific. Don’t throw anything against the wall” – music supervisor Tony Scudellari

The latest in SynchAudio’s music supervisor interview series is with Tony Scudellari, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s SVP, Television Music. (Source: Midem Blog)

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