Last Week in Film & TV Music – 5 April 2017

Welcome to Last Week, with links to our favorite stories about film & TV music over the past week (or so), featuring Big Little Lies, The Young Pope, Iron Fist, Emerald City, Grace and Frankie, Halt and Catch Fire…

The Young Pope SoundtrackHow The Young Pope Got Its Batshit Soundtrack

Series creator Paolo Sorrentino talks about how the show got its often bizarre, always unforgettable music. (Source: GQ)

Shots Fired SoundtrackTwo Creatives On How Music Bookends The Tension, Relief And Stark Reality Of ‘Shots Fired’

Music Supervisor Jabari Ali walks us through his intense work crafting the sound of Shots Fired. (Source: Vibe)

Big Little Lies SoundtrackThe Soul of Big Little Lies Is in Its Music

Music Supervisor Sue Jacobs has gotten a lot of (well deserved!) attention for her work on Big Little Lies, where the music is truly a part of the story, but we loved this piece in particular. (Source: The Atlantic)

Emerald City Soundtrack‘Iron Fist,’ ‘Emerald City’ Composer Trevor Morris Scores The Yellow Brick Road

Emmy-winning composer Trevor Morris creates the sound for a diverse group of television shows, including NBC’s Emerald City and Netflix’s Iron Fist. (Source: Awards Daily)

Halt and Catch Fire SoundtrackPeak TV Treasure: Halt and Catch Fire

Some love for the catchy opening title sequence of Halt and Catch Fire. (Source: TVLine)

Grace and Frankie SoundtrackThe End Credits Songs In ‘Grace And Frankie’ Season 3 Make Up A Soothing Soundtrack

A tribute to the work of the team at SuperMusicVision and their selections for the closing credits songs featured in Grace and Frankie Season 3. (Source: Bustle)

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