Beyond the Official Album, Get the Full List of Songs Featured in Baby Driver

Everyone is buzzing about the soundtrack of Baby Driver, and we’re loving it. Touted as a music nerd’s dream by Variety, director Edgar Wright takes us on a wild ride through the 70’s up to today.

Wright’s films always feature compelling soundtracks, but Baby Driver takes it to a new level. With wheelman Baby’s ever-present iPod helping him manage his tinnitus, the song by the John Spencer Blues Explosion that inspired the movie, plus Simon & Garfunkel’s “Baby Driver” giving the movie it’s name (and end credits song), you’ve got to figure music is pretty key to this one.

What you don’t realize is that Wright and choreographer Ryan Heffington actually reverse-engineered the scenes, making the action match up with the songs that were featured while the scene was being shot. It’s a unique approach, and allows a seamless integration of music and picture.

But the Danger Mouse-produced double CD official soundtrack for Baby Driver (iTunes | Amazon | Spotify) only scratches the surface. Packed start to finish with music, the film runs just shy of 2 hours long, while the album is 100 minutes in length. Since only clips of those songs are used, that leaves a lot more songs to find.

Don’t get us wrong – those 30-odd tracks feature some of our favorite moments from the film. But they only tell part of the story. Here at Tunefind, we’ve worked directly with Sony to track down over 40 songs featured in trailers for Baby Driver and throughout the film.

Check out some of the fan favorite songs (so far) from Baby Driver.


by The Commodores

from Baby Driver Soundtrack

Baby listens to this when he has taken the car …



by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

from Baby Driver Soundtrack

(0:06) Buddy, Darling and Griff are robbing the…



by T. Rex

from Baby Driver Soundtrack

Baby and Debora at the laundromat.



Brighton Rock – Remastered 2011

by Queen

from Baby Driver Soundtrack

Baby's "killer track"… the one with the kille…


Harlem Shuffle

by Bob & Earl

from Baby Driver Soundtrack

Baby is walking down the street to get coffee a…



by Button Down Brass

from Baby Driver Soundtrack

Right before the shootout when Bats asks for so…



by Incredible Bongo Band

from Baby Driver Soundtrack

Baby delivers pizza for Goodfella's


We’re getting a ton of traffic for the Baby Driver soundtrack, as people hunt down the songs and help build out our soundtrack list with full scene descriptions and other details. A lot of the songs are currently trending on Tunefind, so we can expect them to show up on our weekly Top TV & Film Music chart when it’s published next Monday.



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