Ruelle Shares Details on Livestream Concert for Shadowhunters Fans

Still reeling from the Shadowhunters finale?

We’ve got a few special surprises for fans facing the long wait until season 3. We chat with singer/songwriter Ruelle about what inspires her work on the show, and get the scoop on a special livestream concert performance just for Shadowhunters fans.

No one embodies the sound of Shadowhunters more than Ruelle. While music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington curates a soundtrack that includes many original tracks and spans artists from series actors Alberto Rosende and Kat McNamara to Vancouver Sleep Clinic, it’s the Nashville singer/songwriter’s electro pop anthems that underscore some of the most important moments of the show. From the pulsing theme song to those dramatic #ClaceKisses, Ruelle’s music taps into the emotional heart of the series.

As the season 2 finale airs tonight, we learned that Ruelle and Freeform have organized a special livestream concert just for Shadowhunters fans. Mark your calendars now for this Wednesday, August 16th at 3:30 EST / 6:30 PST and follow the @ShadowhuntersTV social accounts to tune in. Ruelle will be performing some of your favorite songs featured in the show, and we gave her a few hints about the ones you love the most on Tunefind.

We also took the chance to ask Ruelle about some of her favorite moments, and what inspires her work on Shadowhunters.

TUNEFIND: You’ve written quite a few original songs specifically for Shadowhunters. Which one is your favorite? What was the inspiration?

Ruelle’s new album, Rival, which includes her song “The Other Side” featured on Shadowhunters.

RUELLE: I love “This is the Hunt” [theme song for the series] but I think so far my favorite would have to be “The Other Side” from this season… mainly because it was one of those very rare moments creatively that you come across as a songwriter. I was given a quick scene description, and it was like I could envision the scene so clearly in my head. I went straight to my piano, and the song just poured out within an hour. Sometimes it’s more of a struggle creatively, and you have to piece a song together bit by bit… but this one was different. The whole thing just flowed, and it felt really effortless from start to finish. I also really tried to put myself emotionally in the place Clary was in during the scene. I could feel the struggle in it… it was sort of sad but such a powerful moment at the same time. I wanted the song to capture those feelings.

“The Other Side” is available on my current release Rival and “This is the Hunt” is available on the Shadowhunters Soundtrack.

Which character do you find that you’re most connected to and inspired by when writing songs for the show?

At the risk of sounding predictable, probably Clary. Just thinking about the beginning of the show, how she was sort of taken from her normal, mundane life and thrust into this whole new world where she discovers her power and ability. I think I am also discovering what I’m really capable of and learning how to push through fear in a lot of areas. I’m pretty determined to use what I’ve been given for good because I realize it’s a gift that isn’t just for me to keep to myself. I think Clary is inspiring for young women in a lot of ways in that her power and ability has purpose, and she knows it. We all have that in us. The question is, are brave enough to do something with it?

What’s your favorite thing about connecting with fans through your work on TV and films?

Honestly, I feel so incredibly connected to the fans because I think we have something special in common. Growing up, I had such a massive imagination. I would write little stories on paper and create characters in my head constantly. My parents actually thought I was deaf at one point because I would never respond to them when they called! Ha! I definitely heard them… I was just in my own little world all the time! I think the fans have such beautiful imaginations, and they connect to stories and emotions in film and tv the way that I do. I think there’s always been an emotional depth and imagination in my music because that is such a big part of who I am… I think they relate to that because it’s part of who they are too. So I think my favorite thing about connecting with them through film and tv is how excited and emotionally invested they become in the music BECAUSE it’s part of the story. It’s part of the imagination coming to life. I love being part of the story for them.

We can definitely see that connection here on Tunefind, as soon as one of your songs plays. Thanks, Ruelle!

For more, follow @ruellemusic and @ShadowhuntersTV.

And don’t forget to follow Shadowhunters social accounts (@ShadowhuntersTV) to see a live performance by Ruelle, singing some of your favorite songs heard in Shadowhunters: Wednesday August 16th, 2017 at 3:30 pm EST / 6:30 pm PST.

UPDATE: View Ruelle’s performance on Periscope.

Shadowhunters airs on Freeform, Mondays at 9pm/8C.


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