Teen Wolf Music Supervisor Laura Webb’s Favorite Music Moments

With only a few episodes remaining in MTV’s Teen Wolf, we take a look back at some of the most memorable music moments of the show.

Over its’ 6 season run, Teen Wolf has been a music powerhouse. Often highlighting emerging indie artists from around the world, Teen Wolf has been a leader in driving new music discovery. The show has featured artists like Mikky Ekko, London Grammar, Hozier, Phantogram, and Heavy Young Heathens long before they were getting mainstream radio play – and those last three were just in the pilot episode alone!

With all this new music, we’ve been lucky to have Laura Webb, music supervisor for Teen Wolf, active on Tunefind throughout all six seasons of the show. Laura has been a powerful advocate for the artists she’s featured, making sure their songs are listed correctly and helping them connect with all the new fans they’ve made courtesy of their syncs in the show. She’s also been in there answering your questions about the music!

As we count down the final episodes of the series, we asked Laura to look back and share some of her favorite songs from the series. Below, she walks us through a few of her highlights, and shares that there are more big music moments to come leading up to the series final on September 24th.

Laura: It’s so hard to pick favorites when we were so fortunate to get to use so many wonderful artists throughout the series. I am so thankful to everyone who had a part in helping our show sound so good! So here are some highlights, but really I could keep going and list so many more.


Season 1

And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop

by James Vincent McMorrow

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 1 · Pilot

Scott and Allison with the dog, when Allison is…


Laura: We got to use this song for our first Scott and Allison moment at the vet clinic, thus making the SCALLISON shipping name! I love James’ voice and the tenderness that his songs evokes. I love that this song helped soundtrack their love story.


Just a Little Bit

by Kids of 88

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 1 · Pilot

Scott at the first elimination of lacrosse, Jac…


Laura: We ended up using this song twice in the first season, we loved it that much! This song really worked for Scott’s first lacrosse practice as he dominates the field, it had that right bit of fun, toughness and some badass factor.  Lacrosse montages were always really fun for me to find music for. We loved having Kids of 88 as an on-camera band for our school dance in episode 11, too!


Season 2

Run with the Wolves

by The Prodigy

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 2 · Episode 1 · Omega

Scott runs through woods.


Laura: I mean how could we not use this song in TEEN WOLF? I’ve been a longtime fan of Prodigy so it felt like a victory getting them into the show.  We have Scott running through the woods as our season opener. I believe we were the first TV synch they had done at the time.  


At Home

by Crystal Fighters

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 2 · Episode 12 · Master Plan

Scott & Stiles practice lacrosse; Scott says he…


Laura: I loved being able to use a fun, happy song to conclude Season 2. We had been through so much darkness and it was a nice way to close out the season. I love a good Stiles/Scott bromance moment. I always thought this was such an end-of-the-movie type of song and I’m so happy we got to use it in Season 2.


Season 3


Laura: This is the song that started our love affair with The Bloody Beetroots and TEEN WOLF. We used this song for this moment when Isaac hijacks the twins motorcycle and rides it in the school hallway. It’s such a badass moment so we had to find a song that was just as awesome. I was told that the song was written with riding a really fast motorcycle in mind, so we clearly were speaking the same language.

And of course we got to have Sir Bob aka The Bloody Beetroots as our DJ at the blacklight rave later in the season. The blacklight party was such a blast to have him be a part of. We all still talk very fondly of that really hot, long day he filmed with us. We were so lucky to use some really great on camera artists throughout the series. Shout outs to Deorro (Season 4) and DallasK (Season 5) who have also gone on to lots of success!


Feel Real

by Deptford Goth

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 3 · Episode 20 · Echo House

Stiles and Malia kiss and then start to make ou…


Laura: I am such a fan of this song. It’s a such a good sexy, moody, vibey song. I call these my moody love tunes. I’m so glad we got to use this song for Stiles and Malia’s first love moment. And by love moment, well, it was definitely a sexy one!


Sleep Paralysis

by Gabriel Bruce

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 3 · Episode 6 · Motel California

the bus leaves the motel


Laura: I still feel this song and this artist are criminally under-recognized. I love Gabriel’s voice – it’s so dark and devious, which obviously lends itself to TEEN WOLF, particularly the “Motel California” episode. I’m a big fan of this artist and hope to see more work put out by him. I encourage you to go listen to this song in its entirety right now!!


Like Real People Do

by Hozier

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 3 · Episode 22 · De-Void

Scott lays in the bed with Kira, they kiss then…


Laura: I was going to Ireland quite a bit to check out the music scene there. I was at a music festival in Dublin called Hard Working Class Heroes and had the pleasure of seeing Hozier live before any American ever got to. This song was the one that stayed with me and I was desperate to find a place in TEEN WOLF. I was so happy we got to use this for Scott and Kira’s first kiss and I’m proud to say we were the first to ever use Hozier anywhere!



by Mikky Ekko

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 3 · Episode 12 · Lunar Ellipse

Scott sums up the state of things in Beacon Hills


Laura: We have been fortunate enough to have used Mikky several times throughout the series.  He is definitely part of the TEEN WOLF family! This song is a big fan favorite and when I mentioned we were doing a best of soundtrack for TEEN WOLF I was asked about this one for sure! We used this for the end of 3A and it was another moment to give you hope and remember it’s your friends who get you through those tough times that our characters had just endured. I mean, how can you not listen to this song and feel hopeful about the future?


Season 4


by Movement

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 4 · The Benefactor

Scott & Kira dance in the boathouse.


Laura: This is another one of my moody love tunes that I fell in love with and needed to find a spot for in our show. I loved this song for our Scott and Kira moment slow dancing at the boathouse. It’s playful, sexy and just awesome. I saw this band play live and the lead singer’s voice is pure magic. I need more by these guys. Season 4 I ended up using so many Australian acts clearly something was in the water over there to make such good jams for TEEN WOLF.




Laura: This song is so dark, weird, epic and haunting. How could we not use this for TEEN WOLF? I love this woman’s voice. This was used for Scott’s transformation into a berserker by the wonderful enemy that is Kate. I could have easily used so many more songs by her but this Season was a short one for us. I actually found this song because a friend of mine with good taste played this song for me in a hotel room. Shout out to Abbey!


Season 5


by Shura

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 5 · Episode 1 · Creatures of the Night

Scott & Kira run into the under-passage of the …


Laura: Oh man. I’m such a fan of Shura. I can’t wait to hear more by them. I instantly heard this song and loved the vibe of this moody love tune, it’s got such a great vibe. I chose this song for Scott & Kira having an intimate moment because the lyrics worked so well. Our characters had spent the summer apart and had to re-establish their relationship so this song played so nicely into all of this emotion. This song never gets old for me.


Open Heart (feat. Lissie) [Bonus Acoustic Mix]

by Morgan Page

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 5 · Episode 7 · Strange Frequencies

Kira questions Scott about her part in his plan…


Laura: This song worked so well for another Scott and Kira moment. Lissie sounds so much like Stevie Nicks on this particular song and that is high praise for me to say. I love the vulnerability that this song evokes and it just worked nice for this particular scene. We are big fans of Morgan Page and have used him in past seasons, too.


Season 6

Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)


from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 6 · Episode 7 · Heartless

(Acoustic) Lydia further convinces Stilinski to…


Laura: I always love picking a good Stydia song. What can I say? I totally ship Stydia. I really can’t listen to this song without tearing up so it was the perfect song to use for Lydia trying to recall memories of Stiles. We used the acoustic version of this song which felt more raw for this emotionally tense moment. Aurora’s music works so well for the show. We first used her song back in Season 5 with the song “Running With the Wolves.”

Running with the Wolves


from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 5 · Episode 9 · Lies of Omission

Lydia helps Jordan "feel" his way to the Nemeto…


I'd Let You Win

by Ports

from Teen Wolf Soundtrack · Season 6 · Episode 16 · Triggers

Malia and Scott kiss.


Laura: The scene with Scott and Malia is so sweet and tender. We finally see them taking a chance with each other. I chose this song because well the lyrics are stunning. Basically I want this song written for me! I got sent this song by a contact in Northern Ireland and I’m so glad that they are now on my radar.  

And stay tuned for more to come as our final season airs. I just can’t tell you what’s to come yet!



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And we’ll be back to talk more with Laura about the Teen Wolf soundtrack and some other behind-the-scenes on the music of the show.


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