Fan Favorites: Top Movie Soundtracks of 2017

Here at Tunefind we’ll be looking back at some of highlights from 2017, including the top TV music moments, top new TV shows driving music discovery, and most popular artists on Tunefind.  


This past year saw several music-centric films that brought about a surge of new interest in movie soundtracks. Below we count down the most popular movie soundtracks on Tunefind during 2017. These are the soundtracks that had viewers hunting down the songs, plus a music highlight or two from each film.


Music Supervisor: Howard Paar



by Grimes

from Before I Fall Soundtrack

After tossing aside her sister's paper bird, sh…

Music Supervisor: Dave Jordan


Blitzkreig Bop (Single Version)

by Ramones

from Spider-Man: Homecoming Soundtrack

Spider-Man goes all over the city trying to fin…

Music Supervisor: Ian Neil


Word Up – UK 08 Version

by The Bosshoss

from Kingsman: The Golden Circle Soundtrack

Final fight at Poppy's: Whiskey vs Harry and Eg…

Music Supervisor: Trygge Toven


Blackberry Molasses

by Mista

from All Eyez on Me Soundtrack

Pac plays this in the car when he and Suge are …

Music Supervisor: Liza Richardson


Music Supervisor: Season Kent


We Don't Believe What's On TV

by twenty one pilots

from Power Rangers Soundtrack

Jason is in his truck during a police chase.

Stand By Me

by Bootstraps

from Power Rangers Soundtrack

When Billy is taken to Zordon.

Music Supervisor: Dave Jordan


Immigrant Song

by Led Zeppelin

from Thor: Ragnarok Soundtrack

Thor starts fighting with Surtur and his army a…

Music Supervisor: John Houlihan


Blue Monday (From "Atomic Blonde")


from Atomic Blonde Soundtrack

(0:22) Delphine takes a photo of Lorraine arriv…

Major Tom

by Peter Schilling

from Atomic Blonde Soundtrack

Lorraine flying out of London; continues into c…

Music Supervisor: Dana Sano


No Lie (feat. Dua Lipa)

by Sean Paul

from Baywatch Soundtrack

Brody drives in with his motorbike and meets th…

Panda (Luca Lush Remix)

by Desiigner

from Baywatch Soundtrack

At Victoria Leeds second party, where Ronnie da…

Music Supervisor: Kirsten Lane



by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

from Baby Driver Soundtrack

(0:06) Buddy, Darling and Griff are robbing the…


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