Top TV Song Last 2 Weeks: Walking All Day by Graham Coxon

“Walking All Day” by Graham Coxon surged to the top of our Top TV Music chart last week following the Netflix premiere of British cult hit show The End of the F***ing World. It’s now holding onto the top spot for a second week in a row.



The song is featured prominently in the Netflix trailer, as well as several scenes throughout the show. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of this song, along with a number of other original songs and score Coxon composed for the series. While “Walking All Day” is available now, the rest of the 16-track album is currently slated for digital release on the 26th of January. A release on vinyl is scheduled for March.

This soundtrack album includes just a fraction of the 40 pieces Coxon wrote for the series. Despite being the Blur guitarist’s first foray into composing for picture, Coxon shared that the process felt very natural.

Speaking about writing the soundtrack, Coxon said: “There were days where I wrote and finished three or four new songs in a single day. It was mental, I’ve never worked to that kind of schedule before. But the creative process around observation and interpretation is one that is very familiar to me. I feel very comfortable reacting to things and adding my bit. And this show particularly appealed to both my appreciation of dark music as well as my dark sense of humour. It felt like a good fit.”

Music Supervisor Matt Biffa has been surprised and thrilled by the extraordinary response to the music of the show.

“This was one of those times where everything was perfectly aligned and in tune – the scripts were incredible, the direction was inspired, and the performances were perfect. The music for the show came together quite painlessly, a rare thing in itself, because we all implicitly agreed about what music worked, and more importantly, WHY it worked,” said Biffa. “To get Graham Coxon on board as the composer was key, as his ability to take the Englishness of the show and add an American twist to it was a very important element, and one people have responded to massively. We referred to this style as ‘Paris, Essex’ and I think that sums it up quite neatly.”

TEOTFW has gotten rave reviews and generated a ton of activity on Tunefind, where songs from the show have claimed 8 out of the top 10 spots on our chart of the most popular songs last week. Coxon’s songs and score are joined by the likes of Bernadette Carroll, Soko, Janis Ian, Tullycraft, the Buzzcocks and more.  Here are just a few of the most popular songs from TEOTFW on Tunefind:


Laughing on the Outside

by Bernadette Carroll

from The End of the Fucking World Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 1

(0:00) Beginning, James talks about his psychop…

We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow

by Soko

from The End of the Fucking World Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 2

(0:19) James lays down with Alyssa; James’ dad …

Superboy & Supergirl

by Tullycraft

from The End of the Fucking World Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 1

(0:16) James and Alyssa leave town.


The music provides the perfect counterpoint and commentary for this addictive dark comedy. It’s also getting a whole new generation of viewers hooked on some artists and musical eras not typically highlighted in stories about modern teens.

“I’m pretty pleased about how much people like the songs in the show, but I particularly get a kick out of the fact that, apart from ‘Oh Daddy’ and ‘Keep On Running,’ there’s nothing in there that’s particularly well-known,” said Biffa. “People are now falling in love with these great little doo-wop tunes as they fall in love with James and Alyssa.”

We worked with Biffa (also behind the stellar soundtrack of Lovesick, among many others) to make sure Tunefind has verified song data for each episode. Check out our TEOTFW song lists broken out by episode if you’re looking to ID specific songs featured throughout the series.



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