Top TV Song Last Week: Unknown (To You) by Jacob Banks

Our top TV Song last week is by Jacob Banks, featured in the final moments of a recent episode of Suits:


Unknown (To You)

by Jacob Banks

from Suits Soundtrack · Season 7 · Episode 13 · Inevitable

Harvey and Paula hug goodbye; Harvey goes to Do…


Fans of Banks will recognize this is a new take on the track “Unknown” from his 2015 EP. In this interview with Billboard, Banks shares that he revisited the track to “really give it heart and soul, which is what I always wanted it to have.”

Suits is known for those emotional final montage scenes, always with a pitch perfect song that has fans hitting Tunefind to learn more. We caught up with Suits Music Supervisors Stacy Wallen-McCarthy and Oliver Hild from the NBCUniversal TV Music team to learn more about how they landed on this particular track to close out the episode:

“This is another one of those ‘Oh come on – we HAVE to use this somewhere’ kind of songs for Suits. We remember hearing this a while back and trying to feed it to editorial everywhere we could because it just has the quintessential Suits ‘weight’ that we’re always looking for. Patience. Hauntingly soulful vocals. Jacob’s just got that voice that makes you stop what you’re doing. It’s hard to describe really.

“Our team is really good at making great use of dramatic songs but this was a hard scene to nail having Harvey breaking up with Dr. Paula Agard. Singer-songwriter stuff felt too trite for Harvey’s character’s perspective, and yet it’s also all too easy to venture into melodramatic territory with a breakup scene with overly produced pop songs about love. This Jacob Banks track was that rare perfect blend that felt like Harvey speaking, so to speak.”



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