Behind (the) Siren’s Songs

She’s traded fangs for fins, but Laura Webb is still giving us a weekly dose of must-have music on new hit series Siren. The woman behind the stellar soundtrack of MTV’s Teen Wolf is the music supervisor for the new supernatural mermaid thriller on Freeform.

Music Supervisor Laura Webb
Siren Music Supervisor Laura Webb

Just named the season’s top new cable drama in the coveted demo of women ages 18-34, Siren is no Disney fairy tale. These mermaids are lethal. The main character, Ryn, is a mermaid driven onto land to find her sister, who has been captured. She’s forced to keep her deadly predator tendencies in check as she tries to blend in with humans.

Last night’s episode had the town of Bristol Cove mourning the loss of one of their own, and Ryn exploring these human emotions. It featured a ton of great music from the likes of Gang of Youths, Greta Van Fleet, Korey Dane, The Veils and more.

We chatted with Laura to get the scoop on how she crafts the sound of the show, and got a few hot tips on some of the bands and artists she loves.


As you’re starting out with a new series, were there particular artists that proved crucial for the sound of Siren?

Bonobo’s “Break Apart” featuring Rhye was a song that we all particularly loved for Ben and Maddie’s steamy time in the shower together. It was definitely one of our “aha” moments about how to tell these characters’ story through music.


Break Apart

by Bonobo, Rhye

from Siren Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 4 · On the Road

Ben and Maddie in the shower.


Noah Gundersen’s “Wake Me Up, I’m Drowning” was another song and moment in the show that seems to really encapsulate the sound of our show. Xander must literally take the helm of the ship after making a difficult decision about how to handle his Dad’s death. Noah’s vocals and the darkness that this song evokes play so nicely into what’s happening in this particular scene.



by Noah Gundersen

from Siren Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 7 · Dead in the Water

Dale sits down in a booth with Maddie at the di…


What was your process to identify the songs you’ve featured?

We were definitely influenced by the town of Bristol Cove and what we thought our characters would listen to. The producers of the show, Emily Whitesell and Eric Wald, initially wanted something that felt like it would be from the Pacific Northwest and something that perhaps skewed more rock and/or acoustic in style. But then when we placed Bonobo’s “Break Apart” in episode 4, we definitely opened up the sound for the show and went with a varied soundscape for many other scenes in the rest of the series.


What moment in the show are you most proud of so far?

In this week’s episode, “Being Human,” we really got to highlight music to capture the sadness surrounding the death of Captain Sean and how it affected all our characters during the wake that takes place. I personally love finding sad songs and we got to use some really stunningly beautiful songs in a really featured way.  


Come and Find Me

by John Lucas

from Siren Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 8 · Being Human

The people of Bristol Cover prepare for Captain…


Every time I screened this episode I would tear up when John Lucas’ “Come and Find Me” and Lee DeWyze’s “Weight” would play against those particular opening scenes of our characters preparing for the funeral of Captain Sean. Both songs are so simple, delicate and tender you can hear their emotions come through in their voices.



by Lee DeWyze

from Siren Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 8 · Being Human

The people of Bristol Cove gather on the docks …


With your role, you’ve got to stay on top of new music. What’s the last concert you saw?

Mansionair & Mikky Ekko. It’s always fun to see artists whose music you’ve featured.


Who are some emerging artists you feel deserve more love?

There are so many that I feel don’t break though that really should. Here’s a few: Autograf. Everything they put out is such a jam. I always go back to their music. Pim Stones is a stunning songwriter with flawless vocals. Geoffroy makes songs that are so cool and vibey. I have been trying to place his music and haven’t found quite the right spot yet. Overcoats, Anna of the North, Charlie Cunningham and Fakear are a few others I would love to see get some more exposure.


Other than the projects you work on, what’s your favorite TV show?

I’m loving this season of Unreal thus far. It really returned to what made it great in Season 1. I tell everyone I know how phenomenal the reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is. Like, do you want to be happy and feel good and cry happy tears? Then please watch this!! I need more episodes really really soon. I just binged Wild Wild Country, as research for a new show I’m working on called Sacred Lies which will be on Facebook this summer. I love a good documentary and this one was so compelling. I need to know more about the Rajneesh. I still have so many more questions!


Popular Songs

Here are the most popular songs from Siren so far on Tunefind.

When the Darkness Comes

by Grace Fulmer

from Siren Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 6 · Showdown

Ryn and Donna walk down the road debating their…

Make It

by The Run Up

from Siren Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 1 · Pilot

Ben arrives via boat.


by Noah Gundersen

from Siren Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 7 · Dead in the Water

Dale sits down in a booth with Maddie at the di…


by Tanya Tagaq

from Siren Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 1 · Pilot

Opening scenes of Bristol Cove, WA. Also, Siren…


by Camino

from Siren Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 7 · Dead in the Water

Ben, Xander, Chris & Calvin in the North Star g…



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