Top TV Song Last Week: Arise by The Seige

Fans are loving the music featured on Cloak & Dagger, the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, airing on Freeform. With songs on our charts since the June 8th premiere, the show cracked the top spot last week with this track.



by The Seige

from Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 4 · Call/Response

Ty and Tandy discuss their newly realized power…


A play on the combined words “seize” and “seige,” The Seige is hip hop artist James “Taz” Conley and producer Riley “Goon” Taylor. The two LA-based musicians have been collaborating since 2015, independently releasing several EPs.

“We absolutely love featuring new, unsigned artists in Cloak & Dagger,” shared Jonathan Christiansen, music supervisor for the show. “The moment our team heard ‘Arise’ we knew it would find its way into in the show somewhere, the only question was which scene.”

The duo’s song landed two spots in the fourth episode of the new show: early on as Ty and Tandy discuss their newly-discovered powers, and again later as the two have an emotionally charged disagrement about what they should do with those powers.

“This song is a rare gem that feels soulful, hypnotic and forceful, all at the same time,” points out Christiansen. “The lyrics serve as perfect narration to Tandy & Tyrone’s inner monologues, acknowledging their painful pasts, but vowing not to let it swallow them whole. Strength through their struggle. The difference between the two, however, is how they choose to fight those demons.”

That theme of strength is reflected in The Seige’s self-declared drive “to create musical experiences that can motivate and inspire people to reach their fullest potential and not be constrained by the limits the world tries to impose…. A demand to wake up, pay attention, and empower yourself to achieve and succeed.”

Careful listeners will also recognize the track from the “Powers” promo that ran in the weeks leading up to the premiere of the new show.

“We are so grateful to The Seige for having faith in our first-year show and allowing us to premiere the song to the world,” says Christiansen.



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