Top TV Song Last Week: Easy by Anna Wise & Xavier Omär

HBO’s Insecure takes the top spot on our TV music chart this week with a new song created especially for the series.



by Anna Wise, Xavier Omär

from Insecure Soundtrack · Season 3 · Episode 2 · Familiar-Like

Daniel plays his beats for Issa. End Credits.


Insecure creator and star Issa Rae tweeted, “Raphael Saadiq (composer for Insecure) made Daniel’s beat and I loved it so much I asked if  (music supervisor for Insecure) could make it a song. He got Xavier Omär & Anna Wise to make this song! Love it.”

When it premiered 2 years ago, Insecure quickly became known for its soundtrack. Rae is heavily involved with the sound of the show, working with award-winning music supervisor Kier Lehman to make sure every episode has its finger on the pulse of – or driving interest in – the hottest new music. Kier is constantly working his industry connections to discover new indie artists and pre-release songs from more established artists that fit the sound of the show. But he also works with artists on original songs, like SZA’s “Quicksand” from season 2 and “Easy” from last week’s episode.

Kier gave us some additional details on how “Easy” came together, all based on that beat Insecure composer Raphael Saadiq wrote for the scene.

Xavier Omär, Anna Wise - Easy, featured on HBO's Insecure
Xavier Omär

“Issa reached out because she loved the beat that Raphael had made for Daniel’s character,” shared Kier. “The way it played in the last scene led right into the end credits so she wanted to turn it into a song. I reached out to Anna Wise first and got her demo over to Issa who loved it. After getting the approval I sent Anna’s part over to Xavier and he took it to the next level. It went back to Anna and she balanced it out really nicely. It turned out to be a really beautiful record.”

“Easy” is the first track released from the Insecure season 3 soundtrack. We can expect more new music in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.



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