Top TV Song Last Week: Girl by Timecop1983 ft. SEAWAVES

Taking top song this week is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow with a nostalgic dreamwave track that plays through the end montage of the episode.


Girl (feat. Seawaves)

by Timecop1983

from DC's Legends of Tomorrow Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 5 · Tagumo Attacks!!!

Ray emotionally watches Nora get arrested; Cons…


It’s rare that music supervisors Season Kent and Whitney Pilzer get to use current or up-and-coming indie artists in Legends of Tomorrow. Because the show is constantly shifting time periods as the characters travel through time, they typically use music to help connect viewers with the era of the scenes.

Whitney shared, “We liked that this song didn’t place us right in 2018 – the synth-y, ethereal sound almost allows you to leave time period up to your imagination.”

“Timecop1983 (Jordy Leenaerts) is an artist that we originally discovered a few years ago via Bandcamp,” said Pilzer. “We had this song in our back pocket for a special moment and were excited to find it a home in this montage!”

The montage is bookended with darker moments (spoiler alert!) – Nora surrendering to the Time Bureau and giving up her freedom, and Nate’s dad Hank taking a very ominous phone call. In between these two scenes we have some happier moments – Rory finishing his first romance novel, and Nate spending Thanksgiving with his family. This type of montage can present a fun challenge for a music supervisor.

“There is a lot going on and we wanted to play off of the range of emotions that each character is experiencing,” said Pilzer. “We needed to find a song that hit the hopeful and inspiring notes, as well as maintaining a melancholic, sentimental tone.”

The dreamwave production by Timecop1983 and core-piercing vocals by SEAWAVES blend seamlessly as we move through the scenes. Originally released in August 2017 on Lovers EP – Part II, this track combines Dutch musician and producer Jordy Leenaerts’ solo project Timecop1983 and Manchester duo Si Van Brussel and Daniel Benjamin as SEAWAVES.

Jordy Leenaerts writes the music and performs all the instrumentals, made digitally or with hardware synthesizers, for his hypnotic solo project, Timecop1983. Leenaerts classifies his genre as dreamwave, a sub-genre of synthwave. He is often praised for his dreamy style with modern soundtrack influences and ambient sounds.

Initially inspired by the movie soundtrack Drive (2011), Leenaerts became a huge fan of Electric Youth. He loves the works of composer Johnny Jewel from Chromatics and Glass Candy and the soundtrack of the 2015 film Ex Machina.

Since the release of his debut album Childhood Memories in February 2014, Timecop1983 has released 3 albums and 5 EPs. Industry-leading platform, NewRetroWave named his album Reflections the 2015 best album of the year and the 2016 best EP of the year.

Born in 1983–the reason for the solo project name and obvious sonic influences–Jordy Leenaerts grew up in a small town near Eindhoven in southern Netherlands. Fun Fact: it’s the town where the cassette tape was invented by the Philips company.



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