Top TV Song: Got It In You by BANNERS

Featured during the final scene of last week’s episode of The Good Doctor, an acoustic, modern pop-rock song climbed Tunefind’s charts and takes Top TV Song.


Got It In You (Acoustic)


from The Good Doctor Soundtrack · Season 2 · Episode 17 · Breakdown

Shaun loses control in the locker room; Claire …


In the final moments of the penultimate episode of Season 2, [SPOILER ALERT] Shaun has an emotional breakdown, questioning his abilities as a surgeon. The song’s lyrics echo the scene, encouraging Shaun to get through this moment. The Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Mike Nelson–who performs under the name BANNERS–has said, “This song is a bit of a reminder that if you ever doubt yourself, you’re great and you’ve totally got this.”

With influences ranging from Jeff Buckley to Arcade Fire, BANNERS’ plaintive voice and haunting yet hopeful sound has underscored emotional scenes in shows like The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, Legacies, and the 2018 movie Love, Simon.

BANNERS’ big breakout sync moment was in The Royals. Season two had already featured his song ‘Start A Riot’ in the opening episode, but there was a huge cliffhanger ending to the finale. Music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington tapped BANNERS to record ‘Half Light’ – a song co-written by Bastille’s Dan Smith – for the final montage of the season two finale. Fans fell in love with the track, making it one of Tunefind’s most popular songs of the year.

Briefly known as Raines, Nelson released his single ‘Ghosts’ in March 2015. He settled on the moniker BANNERS and released two more singles, ‘Shine a Light’ and ‘Start a Riot’, before signing with Island Records. ‘Shine a Light’ was quickly licensed for the FIFA 16 video game.

Under Island Records, BANNERS’ self-titled EP was released on January 15, 2016, featuring his first three singles plus two more songs. The five-track EP landed on the Billboard Canadian Albums chart. That following spring and summer respectively, BANNERS released two more singles, ‘Half Light’ (also on The Royals official soundtrack) and ‘Into the Storm.’ By the end of 2016, BANNERS released another single, a love song called ‘Holy Ground’. In 2017, two acoustic non-album singles ‘Firefly’ and ‘Someone to You’ were released before they were included on a second, five-track EP Empires of Fire. ‘Got It In You’ was released on February 28, 2019 and was featured the same day on Grey’s Anatomy.

In April 2018, BANNERS also appeared live on American Idol season 16 to perform two duets. First he sang his own song ‘Someone to You,’ followed by Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’.



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