Top TV Song Last Week: My Love Will Never Die by AG & Claire Wyndham

For the second week running, a song featured in Lucifer season 4 takes the top spot on Tunefind’s weekly chart of the most popular TV music. A track from the premiere took top honors previously. Fittingly, as Lucifans binge their way through the episodes, the song featured in the climactic final scene of the season is our top TV song last week.


My Love Will Never Die

by AG, Claire Wyndham

from Lucifer Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 10 · Who's da New King of Hell?

Lucifer walks away from Chloe; He sits on his t…


Music supervisor Justin Kamps of Chop Shop Music Supervision shared, “[This] is a song that I kept coming back to for Lucifer. I pitched it for the show a couple times, but we could never find quite the right spot.”

Kamps continues, “Then when we got to the Season 4 finale, we landed on the perfect placement for the song. Our amazing music editor, Troy Hardy, worked his magic to make the song hit every single beat in the final scene. AG and Claire knocked it out of the park on this one and gave us the haunting, heartbreaking ending Lucifer Season 4 deserved.”

‘My Love Will Never Die’ was unreleased when this new season of Lucifer first became available, but the track was quickly released following the high demand and interest from fans.

“I love that this song landed in such a cool place and has resonated with fans of the show!” said Claire Wyndham (pictured above left). “This song was created so organically – AG and I wrote over FaceTime one night a few years ago and the song just sort of fell out of us so quickly. I did the vocals in Nashville and sent them to AG in L.A. and she produced up such an AMAZING track. I truly love working with her and am always obsessed with what she comes up with!”

“I’d had the idea to write a song that was a combination of timeless Irish standard and hybrid score/sound design,” shared L.A.-based producer/composer/songwriter Adrianne “AG” Gonzalez (pictured above right). “This is what Claire and I came up with! Her voice was perfect for this – she has the most timeless voice ever. So happy it found a home on such an iconic show!”

In addition to producing and songwriting, AG has released seven albums and two EPs under her own names, Adrianne or AG, and now divides her time between her solo projects and her band, The Rescues, with Gabriel Mann and Kyler England. The Rescues also took Top TV Song a few weeks back with a powerful Sarah MacLachlan cover featured in Grey’s Anatomy. AG has had over a dozen tracks that have hit the top of Tunefind’s chart, including several of her collaborations with artists like Nilu, Valerie Broussard, MILCK, Aloe Blacc, Reuben and the Dark, and many more.

Nashville-based singer songwriter Claire Wyndham has had placements on several shows, including The Bold Type and Guilt. Her song ‘Kingdom Fall’ was featured in a key moment in The Royals, and included on that show’s soundtrack album. It was also featured in one of Madonna Wade-Reed’s favorite music moments of Reign.


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