Top TV Song Last Week: The Beast by Old Caltone

Passionate Lucifans have been binging on both the show and the soundtrack, with the premiere of Lucifer season 4 on Netflix last week. Their love for the music of the series knocks another show off the throne and Lucifer claims the top TV song last week.


The Beast

by Old Caltone

from Lucifer Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 1 · Everything's Okay

Chloe enters a church and sits down with tears …


“‘The Beast’ by Old Caltone was one of the first songs I sent down early on in the work on Season 4,’ shared music supervisor Justin Kamps of Chop Shop Music Supervision. “It just had this creepy beauty to it that I loved for the show. It ended up being the perfect song to close out episode 1.”

Taking place early in the season, this final scene of the first episode hints at the drama that will unfold. Kamps says, “We don’t know what Chloe’s doing in a church at that moment, but the organ in ‘The Beast’ brings you into that space and into Chloe’s headspace as she begins to break down in the pew. The song takes a turn into darkness as we’re left wondering what path Chloe and the mysterious priest are on.”

It’s no surprise Lucifans were out in force watching the new season, following a clutch fan support campaign that brought the series to Netflix after being cancelled on Fox. And the soundtrack has resonated with fans from the start. With its debut in 2016, Lucifer was the #1 new show for music discovery on Tunefind and last year it rounded out the top 5 most popular tv shows on Tunefind. But this is the first time fans could binge watch, with Netflix’s full season delivery last week.

All of this traffic and user activity for season 4 has resulted in a near takeover of Tunefind’s charts, with Lucifer claiming 8 of the 10 spots on the weekly chart of the most popular music in TV and film. One high-demand track has been released due to overwhelming fan response (‘My Love Will Never Die’ by AG featuring Claire Wyndham) and fans are anxiously hoping a few other tracks from the show will be released soon.

Kamps is thrilled by fan reaction to the soundtrack and says, “Thanks to all the amazing Lucifans for coming out in a big way for season 4. It wouldn’t be here without all of you!”

‘The Beast’ by Old Caltone was released on the ten-song album Final Horror on May 25, 2018 under Roy Music. Old Caltone–named after a cemetery in Edinburgh–is a project of singer, author, composer and performer Jérôme Amandi, most commonly known by the stage name, Talisco.

The artist Talisco shared his excitement on Instagram yesterday, posting a picture of Detective Chloe Decker in the pew and the caption, “Yeah … 😍 Super proud to hear ‘The Beast’, title of my side project @oldcaltone, in the series @lucifernetflix.”

According to the independent French label Roy Music, “The hyperactive Jérôme Amandi changes his skin and gives up for a time that of Talisco to become Old Caltone. Working in a punk spirit, the mixtape Final Horror is a kind of horror movie soundtrack around the character of Dracula. At the rhythm of productions mixing electro, pop and hip-hop, we follow the famous Mr. D, returned among us, to roam at random clubs…”


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