Top TV Song Last Week: Hot by Dodgr

HBO’s Euphoria has taken top TV song again last week. Portland-native Dodgr (Alana Chenevert, formerly known as The Last Artful, Dodgr) takes over the top spot with an electro-trap and synth notes track to match the slow motion of new drama.



The L.A. native took to Instagram @thelastartful to share some details about ‘Hot’ saying, “Ya’ll I’m anxious af as I type this cuz I’ve been sitting on this one for almost 2 yrs 🤯😭Damn near the amount of time I’ve known my now good friend @okjohnhojohnho — when he & I started HOT in Sept ‘17, we knew we had something special. My buddy @iammarkronson heard our rough & thought the same thing. Mark added his Ronson magic & NOW WE HERE!”

In addition to John Ho and Mark Ronson, Dodgr has worked with numerous other music producers and musicians since starting her music career in 2011. Dodgr moved to Portland in 2013 and has become a staple at local hip-hop shows. She also DJs on KRFH, a radio station for Humboldt State University–Dodgr’s alma mater.

Dodgr released her first mixtape, entitled 199NVRLND in July 2013. Two years later, Dodgr had a chance meeting with Portland independent music label, EYRST’s co-founder Neill Von Tally. After signing with EYRST, Dodgr released her EP Fractures with producer Von Tally and then an EP collaboration with rapper Myke Bogan and Von Tally called Rare Treat. Next, Dodgr released two singles, ‘Squadron’ and ‘Jelly Hunt’ with EYRST, followed by the single ‘Oofda’, a track off her 2017 full-length album Bone Music.

This year, the rapper/singer dropped ‘the Last Artful’ from her moniker and continued as Dodgr with two more single releases in July. These included ‘Wrong Way,’ produced by John Ho and G Koop, and last week’s top tv song ‘Hot,’ co-produced by John Ho and Mark Ronson. Dodgr has also had a song featured on the short-lived MTV series, Sweet/Vicious.

This placement has further increased the buzz for this buzz-worthy musician and the Euphoria soundtrack keeps grabbing attention. Previously, show composer Labrinth has been lighting up the charts, taking top TV song for numerous weeks, only briefly relinquishing the top spot to Charlotte Day Wilson and now Dodgr.



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