The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Wins Back-to-Back Music Supervision Emmys

Amazon Prime Original series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel took home the Emmy for Outstanding Music Supervision this past weekend – the second year in a row for the hit show. The award recognizes the work of Music Supervisor Robin Urdang and Executive Producers and show creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino in using music to elevate storytelling.

Robin Urdang
Music Supervisor Robin Urdang.

Music supervisor Robin Urdang shared her excitement for winning a second Emmy, pointing out that her award from last year now has a “sister.”

When it came time to submit an episode from Mrs. Maisel‘s second season for the 2019 Emmy nominations, Urdang had a difficult decision.

“It was really hard, to choose because the music in so many episodes had something special, Paris, the telethon, the finale for season 2, but, ‘We’re Going to The Catskills’ was such a music driven episode, with performances, and dance numbers, and so true to the life in the Catskills,” said Urdang. “It was a stand-out episode, not only for the on camera music, but how Dan created the opening of the show to the arrival to the Catskills.  It moved like a dance number. It was stunning.  This episode felt very personal to me as well, since I grew up going to sleepaway camp in the area and had friends who went to the Catskills.”

‘We’re Going To The Catskills’ was the first of 3 episodes where the story moved to the iconic upstate vacation spot for New Yorkers looking to escape the summer heat in the city. Previously immortalized by Dirty Dancing, Urdang knew the episodes set at the family style resort – complete with Bingo and talent shows and dance competitions – would be filled with music and live performances.

“We prerecorded songs, recorded some live on set, hired musicians and singers, worked with the choreographer, and more. It was crazy, fun, difficult and all worth it,” says Urdang.

Urdang is quick to point out that in addition to Amy and Dan, this is a team effort. Such an ambitious musical undertaking wouldn’t be possible without a whole host of specialists making it all come together.

“We have such an amazing music team of people,” says Urdang. “I couldn’t do this – and Amy and Dan wouldn’t have what they wanted – if it weren’t for Matt Shapiro, Stewart Lerman, Annette Kudrak, our musicians, and music contractor. Props, who have to find all of the period instruments, our exec producer Dhana, the AD’s and on and on…”

Ironically, Urdang learned of her 2018 Emmy nomination – an award she would eventually win – while on location in the Catskills in the midst of shooting the episodes that would lead to her second win!

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While you wait for new episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (already renewed for a third season), you can check out other shows and movies music supervised by Robin Urdang. Her projects include television shows like Younger, as well as the films Call Me By Your Name, The After Party, and Suspiria.

The other 2019 Emmy nominees for Outstanding Music Supervision are Better Call Saul (Thomas Golubić), Fosse/Verdon (Steven Gizicki), Quincy (Jasper Leak), and Russian Doll (Brienne Rose).



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