Top TV Song Last Week: Landslide by Haley Klinkhammer

New Netflix series Virgin River features the most popular song last week. Fast fans of the new show have pushed this cover version of a classic Fleetwood Mac song to the top of the charts.



by Haley Klinkhammer

from Virgin River Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 1 · Carry On

Mel is having a flashback with her sister, Joey…


Based on the novels by Robyn Carr, the pilot episode helps introduce the characters with some important back story. Towards the end of the episode the familiar tune begins as Melinda looks out her window before leading into a flashback to Mel’s life in L.A. The flashback ends while the acoustic guitar strums and the heart-breaking vocals grow. Mel climbs into bed and cries. The song continues as the scene changes to views of nature; the river, the mountains and a waterfall in Virgin River. Mel jogs through the woods to town and runs into Jack before the episode and the song end.

Virgin River music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington shared that series executive producer Roma Roth found this song on YouTube and thought Haley Klinkhammer’s voice was perfect.

“The show really likes using covers, and the lyrics of ‘Landslide’ impactful for the first episode as Melinda tries to start over in Virgin River,” said Wolfington.

‘Landslide’ was first released by Fleetwood Mac in July 1975 and has been covered numerous times over the years by The Smashing Pumpkins, Dixie Chicks, the Glee cast, Dagny (who recoded a version of ‘Landslide’ featured in The Bold Type) and many more.

YouTuber Klinkhammer took to her socials to share her excitement for the placement, “I am so excited to share that my cover of Landslide is featured in episode one of Netflix’s new series, Virgin River! So thankful for this opportunity 💙 Head over to Netflix and check out the show!”

Haley Klinkhammer is a 26 year old singer/songwriter from Kenosha, Wisconsin. She began posting music to YouTube in 2007 and since then has collected over 347K followers. In the 3 years since she posted ‘Landslide’ the video has received over 235K views.

Overall since the age of 14, Haley has posted more than 300 videos, received over 40 million views and over 5 million streams on Spotify. Haley performs cover versions from a variety of artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Lorde. She also has released original music on her EP Freedom and a full length album Finding Myself.



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