Top TV Song Last Week: Amor Congelado by District 78

Netflix’s Spinning Out takes top TV song last week with a track featured in not just one, but three episodes. The journey and growth of a skater suffering from bipolar disorder is soundtracked by this tango-inspired instrumental from a group that is no stranger to choreography and dynamic visuals.


Amor Congelado

by District 78

from Spinning Out Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 10 · Kiss and Cry

Kat and Justin skate their short program tango.


The song is a critical element of the dark ice skating series, serving as the music for Justin’s and Kat’s short program for competitions. From the initial practice to the duo performing in competitions, ‘Amor Congelado’ is featured in three different episodes, as Justin and Kat building their skating partnership, and then Kat spirals out of control, driven by the need to compete.

“The skating pieces in Spinning Out were all beautifully choreographed, thanks to the incredible Sarah Kawahara,” shared music supervisor Dondrea Erauw. “‘Amor Congelado’ really complimented Kat and Justin’s chemistry and artistry on the ice.”

Featuring over 125 songs in the 10-episode season, Erauw shares that she worked with amazing pitch people throughout the series. She credits Jessica Vaughn from Head Bitch Music for introducing her to the song and District 78.

Spinning Out arrived on Netflix on New Years Day quickly jumped onto Tunefind’s trending charts. Fan demand prompted the release of ‘Amor Congelado’ on January 10th, since the track was previously not available on the major music streaming and download sites.

“We’re all super excited to see the fans reacting to ‘Amor Congelado,’ and to the overall music in the series!” says Erauw.

Made up of music producers and mixers Chris Lightbody, Spencer Yaras, Jay Kim and Bob Steinmiller, District 78 has released countless singles as well as numerous studio albums since 2011. The team produces and mixes music for series like Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. The EDM music group/producers/songwriters fit into a niche of epic instrumentation for visual purposes and dance routines, creating the backdrop for dance–and now skating–across TV and film.

District 78 has also been featured on films like the Step Up franchise and Netflix’s upcoming dance flick, Work It.



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