Top TV Song Last Week: Coming for You by dirty Monster

A dark rock song from dirty Monster helped enhance the spooky tone of supernatural horror series Locke & Key. Unreleased when the series first dropped on Netflix, eager fans lobbied the artists and the song shot to the top of Tunefind’s chart thanks to pent-up demand.


Coming for You

by Dirty Monster

from Locke & Key Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 6 · The Black Door

Dodge is seducing Tyler; Sam shows up at Keyhouse.


At the end of the episode, Tyler and Dodge share a drink and introductions. Dodge gets into her truck as ‘Coming for You’ begins. Tyler hesitates and then gets into the passenger side of the truck. The rhythmic breaths of the song continue as Duncan drives out of the gates of Keyhouse. Sam emerges from the woods and walks towards Keyhouse as the darkness of the song grows. The gates close behind Sam as the lyric “coming for you” looms over the scene before the end credits roll.

Based on a comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, music supervisors Liza Richardson and Frank Palazzolo of Mad Doll Music curated the soundtrack Locke & Key. The 10-episode series features over 30 songs from the likes of Trills, Flora Cash, Yoshi Flower and more.

“We tried quite a few songs for this end scene, but the producers connected with this one in particular. We wanted something dark with an element of looming danger,” Richardson told Tunefind.

This particular track, being unreleased initially, generated a lot of activity and questions on Tunefind. A quick email to the Mad Doll team allowed Tunefind to confirm details on the mystery track, and also relay news of the demand. Luckily for fans, dirty Monster were able to include ‘Coming for You’ on the February 18th release of their latest album, BLACK.

“Frank and I loved working on this show, lots of great music spots,” Richardson shared. “So happy the song and the show are receiving a strong reaction from music fans, we love it!”

Coincidentally, Frank Palazzolo is also one half of the duo – along with fellow writer and producer, Eric McNeely – that makes up dirty Monster. The pair met in 2006 and would periodically write and produce songs together until 2014, when they decided to form the production duo that is dirty Monster. With an electronic sound as their jumping off point, dirty Monster’s music falls anywhere from high-intensity rock to upbeat pop and everywhere in between.

Eric’s audio engineering expertise and musical background producing and writing for other bands, teamed up with Frank’s songwriting abilities, knowledge of the film/TV synch world, and keen ear for music production has lead to nearly 50 film/television and advertising placements to date (including two international movie trailers and one global award-winning ad for Toyota).

dirty Monster has released numerous EPs and singles through their career including their first single, ‘Good, Feel Good’ and the single ‘Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been’ featuring Kaleena Zanders. The release of their album, BLACK, last week marks the final installment of a three-part release over three years, including the EP Chapter 1: RED in 2018 and BLUE in 2019.

dirty Monster has had previous song placements in Magnum P.I., Lucifer, Shameless and Locke & Key’s very first episode.


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