Top TV Song Last Week: What a Wonderful World by Chris Botti, feat. Mark Knopfler

Bosch arrived on Amazon Prime for its sixth season and fans were eager to marathon through it. Last week’s most popular song is a cover of ‘What A Wonderful World’ from the final moments of the last episode.



At the season’s end, Bosch attends the funeral of Elizabeth Clayton, whose daughter, Daisy, was killed by crime scene cleanup operator. This track was selected by series writer Michael Connelly for the final scene and end credits. Connelly scripted the song and fans flocked to it.

‘What a Wonderful World’ is a jazz song written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss. The first recording was in 1967, a released single from Louis Armstrong. 

This version of ‘What a Wonderful World’ comes from the Grammy-winner for Best Pop Instrumental Album Impressions. This is the latest album from American instrumental artist Chris Botti. The vocals featured on this track are by famed British guitarist from the late ’70s and ’80s, Mark Knopfler. Impressions was released through Columbia Records in April 2012.

Instrumentalist Chris Botti has had success in pop music as well as four #1 jazz albums. Botti has performed with artists including Sting, Barbra Steisand, Tony Bennett and the list goes on and on, spanning three decades in the music business. The famous trumpeter has also performed with prestigious symphonies at famous venues around the world. 

Botti, an Oregon native, began playing trumpet when he was ten years old. He began performing professionallyin high school and then pursued his passion studying at Indiana University with noted jazz educator David Baker in the music program. In 1990, Botti joined Paul Simon’s band before going solo in 1995. 

Botti released his first album, First Wish, in 1995, followed Midnight Without You (1997), Slowing Down the World (1999) and Night Sessions (2001). Over the next four years, Botti released a new album each year, and then two years before releasing Grammy-nominated Italia in 2007. 

In addition, Botti received three Grammy nominations for his live album Chris Botti In Boston (2009).

The 2012 album Impressions is the latest release from Chris Botti and, in addition to Mark Knopfler, features artists including Italian singer/songwriter Andrea Bocelli, country singer Vince Gill, jazz pianist Herbie Hancock and composer/pianist/producer David Foster.

Guitarist and vocalist Mark Knopfler rose to fame as the leader and songwriter of Dire Straits. Knopfler co-founded Dire Straits with his younger brother, David in 1977. The band’s fifth album, Brothers in Arms (1985) was their biggest studio album, selling more than 30 million copies worldwide. It’s the fourth best selling album in UK chart history. Knopfler later pursued a solo career, exploring different music genres like country, Americana, and roots music.

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Knopfler first embraced music with his uncle in England. Around eight or nine years old, he heard his uncle playing boogie-woogie on the piano and this inspired him to learn guitar and begin his music career. 

Over his long career, Knopfler has played on albums for Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Steely Dan as well as producing albums for Randy Newman and other well-known names. Knopfler also wrote Tina Turner’s 1984 comeback hit ‘Private Dancer’. Mark Knopfler also holds composer credits for films such as the 1987 classic The Princess Bride and 1997 Academy Award nominated Wag the Dog.


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