Top TV Song Last Week: Through Your Eyes by Jordan Critz, featuring Birdtalker

ABC’s The Good Doctor returned for its fourth season last week and jumped to the top of Tunefind’s weekly chart for the most popular TV music. At the end of an emotionally-charged premiere, fans fell in love with an ethereal track from American multi-instrumentalist Jordan Critz and Nashville-based band Birdtalker.



Closing the first episode of the new season, ‘Through Your Eyes’ is heard with the surprise return of a character from the previous season. But no spoilers here. 

This episode dealt with a lot of complicated and heavy issues,” shared The Good Doctor’s Music Supervisor, Ann Kline. “It was all about Covid and the effects it has on its victims, their families, their friends and the doctors and nurses who take care of them – feelings the audience has all experienced over the last few months.”

“As the episode wraps up, we’re left with our characters, raw and exhausted and in need of their loved ones. But, of course, due to the virus this too is complicated,” Kline elaborated.

“‘Through Your Eyes’ conveys a sense of longing and a sense of hope that supports the story and at the same time it is understated and lovely in a way that lets the actor’s performances shine through. Every time I listen to it, I love it more,” said Kline.

‘Through Your Eyes’ by Jordan Critz, featuring Birdtalker, is an alternative folk single that was released in May 2019 through Third Orbit Music and Tone Tree Music.

Jordan Critz is an award-winning composer and producer whose work has been featured in numerous films and television shows. It’s his belief that, “every melody tells a story.” His song crafting philosophy is to create music that will “enhance the story that’s being told by the artist or by the director.”

Critz was classically trained on piano and guitar, beginning at age 6. He covers a vast assortment of music genres, has toured with many different artists and appears on a variety of records. Critz has digitally released seven EPs and eighteen singles since 2015. 

Birdtalker was formed in 2012 by guitarist and singer Zack Green, along with his spouse, keyboardist and vocalist Dani Green. Their friend Andy Hubright accompanied the duo on percussion, forming a trio. 

Brian Seligman, Zack’s sister’s boyfriend, later joined Birdtalker playing mandolin and guitar. After another year, now as a quartet, Jesse Baker joined on bass and the group released their first single, ‘Heavy,’ in 2016. Two months later, ‘Heavy’ joined the six-song EP called Just This


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