The Big Music Moments of Tiny Pretty Things

Tiny Pretty Things was a breakout hit last week, with everyone buzzing about Netflix’s new ballet series. But the soundtrack isn’t full of ‘Swan Lake.’ The series tapped music supervisors Natasha Duprey and Scott Belluz to source music that would reflect the emotional terrain of the young dancers as they both plumb the depths of their feelings and scale the heights of the professional ballet world. We highlight the top 10 fan favorite songs from the series below, and Duprey and Belluz share their favorite songs from Tiny Pretty Things.

Tiny Pretty ThingsCreated for television by Michael MacLennan, Tiny Pretty Things is full of characters who are always  dancing: in the studio, on stage, in the dorm, a club, and on the roof, of course. With so many music moments, Tiny Pretty Things features over 100 songs in the 10-episode first season, featuring pop, indie, dance, and more. And while you’ll recognize names like Sofi Tukker and Harry Styles on the list, Duprey and Belluz mix things up with a slew of new names that have had people searching Tunefind.

Tiny Pretty Things quickly started to dominate Tunefind’s trending music chart, with songs from artists like Faunea, Emily Rowed, Andrea Di Giovanni, and Clavvs. This dive into character-driven, emotional songs by up-and-coming artists echoes the budding careers of these teen dancers.

In addition to the popular songs below, there are a few unreleased tracks that are in high demand, including ‘Monster’ by Delaney Jane (featured as the opening of the series) and ‘See You on The Other Side’ by Daydreamers and Celine Svanback (also from episode 1). Don’t worry, if these tracks get released we’ll update the links on Tunefind.

We’re sure Tiny Pretty Things fans will also be thrilled to hear more about how some of those important season 1 scenes came together. Duprey and Belluz took a few minutes to walk us through some of their favorite music moments from the first season of Tiny Pretty Things.

Natasha Duprey: Starting out the season with a bang! Our characters are all monsters of their own making who wrestle with their inner demons throughout the season so this was the perfect song to capture the energy, chaos and beauty of Cassie teetering on the edge of the roof. 

Delaney Jane


by Delaney Jane

from Tiny Pretty Things Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 1 · Corps

Opening on the roof.

ND: We used the original version written and performed by Delaney Jane. Red Velvet – IRENE & SEULGI released their version of the song in July 2020, many months after we had already completed this episode. Of course, the Red Velvet I&S version became a monster hit (see what I did there?) and, like so many other people around the world, I’ve spent a good chunk of the pandemic lying on my couch watching K-Pop videos, so I was thrilled.

ND: I’m a huge fan of hometown indie Vancouver musician Emily Rowed. This is the first time this song has ever been licensed and is getting noticed all over the world now. 

ND: It closes out our first episode with a hopefulness that works to merge together the aspirations of our young dancers with just enough of a tragic undertone to foreshadow that everything may not be ok in their respective universes. And what could be a more perfect lyrical metaphor for the world of an inspiring dancer than “one star glowing in the dark.”

Scott Belluz: Towards the end of episode 3, Shane is going through a transformation and we knew we needed an epic anthem that could help drive his cathartic dance solo. We absolutely wanted a queer artist to represent this moment and when I found this song I almost couldn’t believe it wasn’t written specifically for the scene.

SB: I love the painful build and the banging chorus where the wordplay between ‘shame’ and ‘Shane’ is *chefs kiss*. Seeing Andrea’s emotional reaction to the scene on social media and its ripple effects through the queer community has been really rewarding. 

ND: Who doesn’t love an epic dance battle? And there is none more epic than this dance battle. Following on the heels of Shane’s ‘Adore You’ [by Harry Styles] solo dance montage, this song has the gravitas needed for the range of emotions we go through for four minutes of (literal) twists and turns and was beautifully choreographed for the entire dance company to soar to. 

ND: The showrunner Michael MacLennan wrote this song into the script and it was the first song cleared and helped set the tone for the entire season.

SB: The opening montage of our final episode, ‘Push Comes to Shove,’ finds Bette staring down a crisis while her fellow students continue their showcase performance. This stripped-back ballad does a great job of evoking Bette’s vulnerability while still having enough of a dark edge that reflects the high stakes of her situation. 

SB: The lyrics ‘you’re gonna get what you’ve given to me’ encapsulate Bette’s journey over the season perfectly and the endless jockeying of our dancers to prevail over their competition.

SB: While not as big of a featured moment, this song in the final episode gives me the shivers every time. The scene provides arguably the biggest reveal of the season but I love how the hushed, interior quality of Dominique’s vocals and the eerie violin play against June’s epiphany.  

SB: The song is not so much an accompaniment for Delia’s dancing here but instead, it takes us deep into June’s psyche as she recalls one fateful night. All the while, the lyrics echo June’s struggles of feeling “nameless and faceless” at the school throughout most of the season.

Belluz and Duprey have been thrilled by the fan reaction to Tiny Pretty Things, especially all the love online for the music and the artists who have been featured in the show. As always, Tunefind has your full listing of all the songs featured in the Tiny Pretty Things soundtrack.

“We are all walking on air at how well the show is doing,” shared Duprey. “And glad Tunefind is such a great resource for music fans.”

While there hasn’t been an announcement yet about Tiny Pretty Things season 2, the cliffhanger finale has left fans on the edge. If renewed, an announcement can most likely be expected in early 2021, after Netflix analyzes viewing data. According to Marie Claire, based on the first season’s timeline, “Depending on how long it takes to restart work on the show, it could feasibly take another year and a half to premiere a second season, placing the release date around mid-2022.”

Top 10 Fan Favorite Songs from Tiny Pretty Things

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