Top Movie Soundtracks of 2020

Here at Tunefind we’re looking back at some of the highlights from 2020, including the top movie soundtracks, top new TV shows driving music discovery, top tv syncs, and most popular artists on Tunefind. Check out our handy compilation of all our year-end coverage at Round Up: Tunefind’s Best of 2020.

The covid-effect on big blockbusters has definitely impacted the movie soundtrack landscape for 2020, allowing streaming movie titles to dominate this year’s list. Below we count down the most popular movie soundtracks on Tunefind during 2020. These are the movies that had viewers hunting down the songs, plus a music highlight from each film.

Music Supervisor: Spring Aspers

Fan Favorite Music Moment:

Music Supervisor: Linda Cohen

Fan Favorite Music Moment:


by Will Post

from The Kissing Booth 2 Soundtrack

At the Halloween party, Elle and Marco dance.

Music Supervisors: Josh Kessler, Dylan Bostick

Fan Favorite Music Moment:

Afraid of the Dark

by EZI

from After We Collided Soundtrack

End scenes, End credits.

Music Supervisor: Season Kent

Fan Favorite Music Moment:

The Whole of the Moon

by The Waterboys

from Let It Snow Soundtrack

Tobin and the Duke sing in the church. Two best…

Music Supervisor: NA

Fan Favorite Music Moment:

Mi Gente

by J Balvin, Willy William

from Trolls World Tour Soundtrack

Trailer #2; Reggaetón trolls.

Music Supervisor: Julia Michels

Fan Favorite Music Moment:

Say Your Prayers

by Blithe

from The Old Guard Soundtrack

Andy and Nile drive across the desert.

Music Supervisors: Matt Aberle

Fan Favorite Music Moment:

In Every Dream Home a Heartache

by Roxy Music

from The Gentlemen Soundtrack

Entering the heroin addicts' apartment to retri…

Music Supervisor: Laura Webb, Lindsay Wolfington

Fan Favorite Music Moment:

Moral Of The Story

by Ashe

from To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Soundtrack

Lara Jean goes through her day post-breakup. Sh…

Music Supervisors: Dave Jordan, Trygge Toven

Fan Favorite Music Moment:

White Flag

by Bishop Briggs

from 6 Underground Soundtrack

(1:37) TV speech; Yacht attack.

Music Supervisors: Mateusz Sarapata, Michal Sarapata

Fan Favorite Music Moment:


by Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy, Daniel Ryan Murphy

from 365 Days (aka 365 dni) Soundtrack

1:32:10 Massimo appears in Laura's apartment i…

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