Top TV Song Last Week: As You Fly by Regina Price

Virgin River returned for a second season on Netflix on November 27th. A previously unreleased alternative/indie song gained lots of attention from fans, prompting release of the song and sending it straight to the top of Tunefind’s weekly top TV music chart.


As You Fly

by Regina Price

from Virgin River Soundtrack · Season 2 · Episode 6 · Out of the Past

Mel walks to the river's edge and places Mark's…


Just beyond halfway through the season, Mel has a touching scene in remembrance of her husband. ‘As You Fly’ is heard as Mel walks to the river’s edge. She places Mark’s memorial sailboat in the water. A flashback follows showing Mark sailing. Back in the present, Mel looks out to the river and watches the boat float off.

“We knew the scene with Mel letting the sailboat go would be an important music moment, and it took us a minute to find ‘As You Fly,'” music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington shared with Tunefind. After reading the script, Wolfington initially sent ‘Thread’ by Keane to series creator Sue Tenney and her team as an idea for this scene.

“We all loved it, but when we got picture, it made more sense over the initial memory of sailing with Mark,” recalled Wolfington. “And then of course we had our composer, Jeff Garber, do a version of it for Mel looking at photos.”

Wolfington continued the search for a difficult combination: something sad and heartfelt that also gave a feeling of resolution for Mel. She finally found the perfect track with As You Fly by Regina Price.

“It fit so well lyrically and sonically; it was quiet and a little haunting, with a beautifully emotional chorus that let us know everything was going to be ok,” said Wolfington. 

As Virgin River fans started watching season 2, Wolfington’s Twitter and Tunefind lit up with fans looking for this at-the-time unreleased track.

“I told the publisher fans were really loving it and looking for it, and they released it the following week!” said Wolfington. “So glad the song resonated with our viewers and glad that they can enjoy it outside of the show now!”

‘As You Fly’ was released as a single on December 4th. Regina Price has released seven singles since 2018.

Regina Price is a moniker for Nashville singer/songwriter/actress Annie Williams, signed to The Stable Music Publishing. Williams has released music under a few alter egos including; Violents (with Jeremy Larson), Ann Marr and of course, Regina Price.

As Regina Price, Williams has previous placements in numerous Grey’s Anatomy episodes, Lucifer, and the CW’s Nancy Drew. As Ann Marr, Williams had her song ‘Bullet’ featured in a pivotal scene of Riverdale, season 2. 

Annie Williams is currently working on her solo project, as well as writing for other projects.


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