Top TV Song Last Week: Breathe Again by Joy Oladokun

Always pulling on your heartstrings, the latest episode of This Is Us claims the most popular TV song last week with a poignant track during an emotional flashback scene. 


breathe again

by Joy Oladokun

from This is Us Soundtrack · Season 5 · Episode 6 · Birth Mother

Laurel in the hospital.


In a flashback, Randall has just been born and his mother, Laurel, wakes up in the hospital. ‘Breathe Again’ is heard while the hospital nurses judge Laurel for her mistakes and she begins to cry. The song continues with Randall in the present.

‘Breathe Again’ was released as a single in May 2020 with White Boy Records. This song was previously featured in CW series Charmed in 2019. Musician Joy Oladokun shared her reaction to the This is Us placement on her Instagram stating,

This is Us is notorious for making people feel things deeply. i’m so grateful they used my song “breathe again” as a backdrop to what was a heavy and redemptive moment. it’ll never get old having my music help tell stories on screen. @nbcthisisus”

She also shared a live recording of ‘Breathe Again’ on Twitter:


Joy Oladokun is a Nashville-based independent artist with musical influences from contemporary folk, R&B, and pop. The Arizona native began playing guitar when she was just ten years old and credits artists like Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, and Tracy Chapman as her inspirations.

In 2015, Oladokun quit her job and began pursuing music full-time. After releasing her initial solo acoustic EP called Cathedrals, Oladokun released a full-band single called ‘Shelter’ in 2016. 

Oladokun utilized a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a full-length album. The campaign raised over $30,000 and funded the release of Carry in April 2016. She toured the album in the United States and United Kingdom. Oladokun continued to release a series of singles through the next three years. 



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