Top TV Song Last Week: Meaning (Choral Version) by Cascadeur

Netflix’s French thriller Lupin chronicles the adventures of  fictional gentleman thief Arsène Lupin. Released on January 8th, the series soundtrack grabbed the attention of many Tunefind fans. A choral version of a song from a French alternative/indie artist is the most popular TV song last week.


Meaning (Choral Version)

by Cascadeur

from Lupin Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 4 · Chapter 4

Assane reading the note from Fabienne


Near the end of the fourth episode, ‘Meaning (Choral Version)’ can be heard while Assane reads a note from Fabienne. 

“I’m very happy and proud of this sync,” shared Lupin music supervisor Pascal Mayer. “I loved this track for a long time.”

After synchronizing ‘Meaning (Choral Version)’ in a French movie in 2013, Mayer recalled how working on Lupin’s fourth episode brought the song back to mind. 

“It seems obvious to me that it was a perfect track for the scene. So I pitched it,” Mayer continued. “The choral version of ‘Meaning’ is extremely moving. And when synchronized on the right scene, it really emphasizes the emotions.”

Cascadeur–translated as Stuntman–is a French singer, keyboardist, and songwriter whose real name is Alexandre Longo. Cascadeur comes from a family of music lovers and began playing piano at age 8. The stage character of Cascadeur is inspired by a childhood biker figurine which lends to his jumpsuit and helmet-wearing style when he performs. 

Cascadeur created three self-produced albums from 2005 to 2008 that made up his first studio album, The Human Octopus, released in 2011. This album included ‘Meaning (Choral Version).’ In 2014, his second album Ghost Surfer was released. Four years later, Cascadeur released his latest album called Camera.


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