Top TV Song Last Week: Will You Follow Me Into the Dark by Klergy & Mindy Jones

While the CW’s Riverdale is taking viewers on a big time jump this season, the signature soundtrack continues to deliver in the big emotional moments of the music-intensive show. A poignant track from two powerful musicians highlights a pivotal moment in the new storyline, and claims the top spot on Tunefind’s top TV music chart for last week. (Spoilers ahead.)



Archie sits on the bus leaving Riverdale and looks at a photo of his dad as ‘Will You Follow Me Into the Dark’ begins. As this emotional track continues, flashbacks show moments with the whole gang, including Jughead, Veronica, and Archie’s dad. A car horn brings Archie back to the present as Betty drives up next to the bus with Veronica and Jughead. The bus pulls over and Veronica hugs Archie one last time. He says his final goodbyes to Jughead and Betty and gets back on the bus. The remaining three walk out into the middle of the road and Archie looks back at them through the rear of the bus. They watch him leave Riverdale. 

Klergy is a go-to artist for the series, having been featured in several other key scenes over the years. Riverdale music supervisor Brittany Whyte says that’s no coincidence.

“Each song is beautifully crafted, cinematic and has just the right amount of emotion to help tell the story but not overwhelm it,” said Whyte. “Danny Burke, the mastermind that is Klergy, and co-writer Mindy Jones wrote a song that felt absolutely perfect for this scene.”

This emotional goodbye brings the teen years to a close for the Riverdale gang, and sets up the time jump for season 5.

“We really feel the love that Varchie has for each other, no matter the the pain they may have caused. We feel the love and respect that they all share for each other. It’s epic. It’s heartbreaking,” shared Whyte. “And it’s the start of a whole new chapter for everyone. This is a huge moment for these characters and for Riverdale fans alike because so much of their future remains unknown.”

‘Will You Follow Me Into the Dark’ was released as a single on February 1st, just prior to this episode of Riverdale. The song has been Shazamed nearly 20,000 times and streamed on Spotify over 40,000 times following the placement.

Klergy is the alter ego artist project of award-winning songwriter, composer, and producer Danny Burke. Originally from Chanhassen, Minnesota, Burke currently lives in L.A. With a background in electronic production and a passion for contemporary orchestration, Burke’s music lends itself to storytelling across many genres. As Klergy, Burke has been consistently releasing music since 2017. Songs by Klergy have been featured in television shows like Lucifer, Good Trouble, and Sacred Lies, among others.

Mindy Jones is a singer/songwriter and producer from L.A. and is the frequent collaborator and vocalist for Moby. Jones has performed with a wide array of well-known artists including Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sean Paul, The Flaming Lips, and many others. Mindy Jones has released numerous singles and EPs since 2015. Songs by Jones have previously been featured in How to Get Away with Murder and Blindspot. She is currently working on a new project, ADLT VDEO, with producer Luke Top from Fool’s Gold.



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