Top TV Song Last Week: Walked Through Hell by Anson Seabra

Grey’s Anatomy takes top TV song again last week with an emotional opening montage featuring a track that sets the tone for a tearjerker episode.



At the opening of last week’s episode, all the main characters prepare for a difficult day. ‘Walked Through Hell’ is heard as each character copes and reflects on the loss of one of their own.

“What a great song from Anson Seabra. His voice is so disarming and also has a sadness and stark honesty to it,” Kasey Truman, Grey’s Anatomy music supervisor shared with Tunefind. “His opening line, ‘I guess all the mountains that I moved just weren’t enough,’ and ‘I would’ve walked through hell to find another way,’ worked so well with our theme.”

“The feeling of helplessness when we realize we cannot control what happens in our lives, and those of our loved ones, is a sentiment that Anson’s song delivers so well,” Truman elaborated. 

‘Walked Through Hell’ was released as a single in November 2020. Anson Seabra has released numerous singles and EPs over the past four years.

Kansas City native Anson Seabra is a singer/songwriter who has had major success with his emotive pop music. He started playing piano when he was six years old, but he studied computer science and was a software engineer before pursuing a career in music. Seabra combines captivating melodies and emotional lyrics that draw the audience in.


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