Top TV Song Last Week: Run Like A River by Jamica

Back on top again is Grey’s Anatomy with an uplifting pop song featured in a much-needed bright spot in last week’s episode. 


Run Like a River


from Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack · Season 17 · Episode 10 · Breathe

Meredith is taken off her vent; Meredith, Mark …


Dr. Webber and Dr. Hunt begin the process of taking Meredith off her vent as the instrumental intro of ‘Run Like A River’ begins. The thoughtful vocals come in as Meredith talks to Lexie and Mark in a field of wildflowers on her beach. They talk about loss and love as the song continues. Back in Meredith’s hospital room, ‘Run Like A River’ crescendos as the doctors dance-it-out. The song ends as Maggie and Winston exit the hospital. 

‘Run Like A River’ was released as a single on the same day the episode aired, April 1st. This song was released with Peer-Southern Productions. ‘Run Like A River’ was written and produced by Julia Bergen, David Lauden Bonk, Peter Boström, and Andreas Öhrn.

This track is the only song released by mysterious musician Jamica. Jamica shared the placement on Instagram with a clip of the scene stating, “Incredibly proud to hear ‘Run Like a River’ on @greysabc !!!💗 in this post I want to thank you for all the beautiful messages I‘ve received! But especially I wanna give thanks to the super great team behind this project!🥳❤️”.



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