Top TV Song Last Week: Blurred Lines by Joyce Wrice

Insecure takes the top spot for the most popular song on Tunefind for a second week in a row. Last week’s episode features an R&B track from a California-native singer.


Blurred Lines

by Joyce Wrice

from Insecure Soundtrack · Season 5 · Episode 3 · Pressure, Okay ?!

After a big fight with Condola, Lawrence return…


At the end of last week’s episode, Lawrence returns home after a big fight with Condola. After some intense airplane turbulence subsides, ‘Blurred Lines’ is heard. The soulful vocals begin as Lawrence looks out the window of the plane. The beat picks up and the song continues as Lawrence arrives home and walks around. ‘Blurred Lines’ fades out as Condola answers a call from Lawrence. 

“I love this song and the lyrics play perfectly into the theme of this season of Insecure, which is questioning your choices in life,” shared Kier Lehman, music supervisor of Insecure. “The tone of the song makes it especially poignant for this moment between Lawrence and Condola, where they’re trying to figure out how to communicate with each other as new co-parents.”

“I’m a big fan of Joyce’s songs and I’m happy to say this is the second time I’ve been able to use her music to elevate one of my projects,” Lehman said. (He previously placed ‘Rocket Science’ with Kay Franklin in the CW’s Black Lightning.)

‘Blurred Lines’ was released as a single in November 2018. Joyce Wrice released her debut album, Overgrown, in March of this year. She released her debut EP, Stay Around, in 2016, featuring a breakout single ‘Do You Love Me’. Wrice has released numerous singles since 2015.

Joyce Wrice was born in Chula Vista, California with Japanese and African-American roots. The now 29 year old grew up inspired by the music videos from Missy Elliot and Tamia. Her earliest music memory is listening to Notorious B.I.G. and 112’s remix of ‘Only You’ while in the car with her dad. At a young age, she was singing along with R&B tracks from Faith Evans. 

Wrice was pursuing a degree in education, but felt the constant pull of music. Throughout college she would share her R&B and hip hop covers on YouTube and eventually, at 21 years old, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as an artist. Wrice’s music draws on the classic sound of R&B from the late 90s and early 2000s.

Joyce Wrice shared the placement of ‘Blurred Lines’ on her Instagram stating, “It’s always been a goal of mine to have my music featured on @insecurehbo 🥺Back in 2015 @milesalixmusic had reached out to us about placing my music in the show so it’s a blessing that now in its final season, my song ‘blurred lines’ was a part of last night’s episode! Thank you @instakier @issarae ! Shoutout to Shawn Butler who produced and wrote this song with me! Of course I met Shawn through my fire asss a&r @anr_eddie !!!”


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