Top TV Song Last Week: Icarus by Fana Hues

Insecure returned to HBOMax for its fifth and final season on October 24th. This season premiered with a near takeover on Tunefind’s popular music chart and takes the top spot for the most popular song last week. The R&B track comes from an upcoming singer and songwriter from Pasadena, California.



by Fana Hues

from Insecure Soundtrack · Season 5 · Episode 2 · Growth, Okay?!

Nathan leaves and Issa is bummed.


At the end of the second episode, Issa wakes up after hearing the door close. She lays in bed looking at the ceiling as the song begins. With a steady beat and melodic sighing, ‘Icarus’ plays through the end credits. 

‘Icarus’ was released as a single in September 2020 before appearing on Fana Hues’ debut album Hue, which was released in December. Hues has only released five singles to date. The first three later appeared on Hue and the fourth is a remix of a track from the album. Her latest single, ‘Pieces’ was released this week. 

‘Icarus’ is lyrically a cautionary tale about giving yourself away, linking lyrically with the Greek myth of Icarus. In an interview with Ones To Watch, the 25-year-old Fana Hues talks about pulling from “early Dionne Warwick and Diana Ross for vocal inspiration as well as how to approach an instrumental that’s so cinematic and scenic.” 

Hues is a student of Warwick, Ross and other master vocalists like Nina Simone, Anita Baker, Beyonce Knowles, and Mary J. Blige. She was raised in a musical family as one of nine children. When she was a child she suffered from scarlet fever, tonsillitis, and strep throat all at the same time. Her mother was a dancer and also a healer who made natural medicines to remedy the ailments that took Hues’ voice away for nearly five years. This difficult period only encouraged Hues’ deep appreciation for music. 

Hues grew up writing poetry and is an avid whistler. When writing her songs, the process can vary from song to song but typically Hues will start with the melody. She often whistles the tune and the lyrics will either reveal themselves or she will dig into deeper feelings. ‘Icarus’ is Fana Hues’ first placement listed on Tunefind. 



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