Top TV Song Last Week: Haunted by Laura Les

For the second week in a row, Euphoria featured the most popular song on TV last week. Euphoria season 2 burst out of the gates, just two episodes in and a near takeover of Tunefind’s popular music chart. Last week’s most popular song comes from an American singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist. 



by Laura Les

from Euphoria Soundtrack · Season 2 · Episode 2 · Out of Touch

Lexi bikes to Fez; Cal pulls out a gun.


Lexi puts in her headphones and ‘Haunted’ is heard. The hyperpop song plays as Lexi leaves school quickly and rides her bike. ‘Haunted’ continues as Cal spots Lexi on her bike and pulls a gun from his glove box. 

‘Haunted’ is a single that was released with Dog Show Records on March 12, 2021. Laura Les is one half of musical duo, 100 gecs alongside Dylan Brady. ‘Haunted’ is Les’ debut solo single. Before releasing solo music under her own name, Les used the moniker osno1. 

Laura Les began studying acoustic engineering in college before switching to engineering. Les previously lived in Chicago before moving to L.A. to make working with duo 100 gecs easier. She has become known for her pitched-up vocals and diverse singing styles. 

In an interview with Paper Magazine, Laura Les describes the inspiration for the song stating that it’s about “getting overwhelmed by a feeling and how it changes things around you”. She mentions that while creating ‘Haunted’ she was listening to lots of electro-pop and influential artists like Alice Glass and Black Dresses. 

In November 2020, Les performed solo at the virtual music festival A2B2 Night of Fire where she debuted ‘Haunted’. Four months after the concert, Les released the finalized version of the single accompanied by a music video directed by former collaborator Weston Allen. This is Laura Les’ first placement on Tunefind. 


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