Tunefind Updates Artist Pages

Tunefind has updated its artist pages. In addition to listing all the songs that have been added to Tunefind in alphabetical order, artist pages now include connect links and listen links. Connect links will take you to the artist’s social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia. Listen links allow you to download/purchase music from the artist on Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Spotify. As always, Tunefind’s links to Amazon and YouTube generate search results only.

Artist pages now highlight big features and most popular songs by the artist on Tunefind. Use the search to find your favorite artists and explore the newly updated format of artist pages. 

Another big artist page bonus, Tunefind’s system has been updated to split artist collaborations so that song credits are listed on multiple artist pages.





Artists and their management teams can contact Tunefind to add or update any of the links on their page. Feel free to also check out the FAQ for Artists, Managers, Labels, Sync Reps, etc. Use Tunefind’s Contact Form to provide a fancy image for your artist page or any missing links. 

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