Now Leaving the Lake of the Ozarks: Farewell to Ozark

Ozark returned to Netflix on April 29th with the final seven episodes of the series. The Netflix series released the first seven episodes of season 4 back in January and has now come to an end. Ozark was viewed for 78.4 million hours this week after the second half of its final season was released. It’s a bittersweet farewell for fans of the show and its soundtrack. Moments of music discovery and well-placed songs have seen fans gravitate to the series on Tunefind since the very beginning. 

Ozark’s pilot premiered in 2017 and the series jumped to No. 5 in Tunefind’s Top New Shows Driving Music Discovery. Season 1 also appeared at No. 4 on Billboard’s July Top TV Song chart for ‘Nobody Speak’ by DJ Shadow, featuring Run The Jewels. In 2020 the series composers, Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans, were Emmy nominated for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series highlighting the season 3 finale called “All In.” In 2020, the track ‘ooh la la’ by Run The Jewels, Greg Nice, and DJ Premier, also from season 3’s finale, held the No. 3 spot on Tunefind’s Top TV Songs of 2020.

Shortly after season 4 part 1 premiered back in January, a hip-hop track called ‘Untitled’ by rapper/producer Killer Mike became Tunefind’s Top TV Song from February 4th. “‘Untitled’ by Killer [Mike] is one of the songs I have been waiting to use as an end credit in Ozark for a while,” Ozark music supervisor Gabe Hilfer shared with Tunefind. “The raw energy of the song is a perfect compliment to the end of the episode in which it is featured.”

Throughout the series fans appreciated the hip-hop influences on the soundtrack, especially through the personal music taste of character, Ruth Langmore. Ruth quickly became a standout character for her proclivity towards 90’s hip-hop, and she’s not the only one. In an interview with Okayplayer, series music supervisor Gabe Hilfer shares his connection to Ruth’s soundtrack stating, “All other things being equal, if you looked at the music I grew up on and that I really have this place for, it is most represented by Ozark. It’s just like, the most personal music to me. My tape.” Hilfer continues, “It was almost just attitude driven for the art form… it wasn’t big money hip-hop at that time. It was just authentic. It mirrored how Chris [Mundy] wrote Ruth.

A dark and mysterious show from the beginning, Ozark’s final episodes follow suit. While fans have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Byrde family’s story, rife with crime, the fact that this is the end of the series feels even more lawless. At least we will always have the music of Ozark to help us reminisce. 

You can check out all the songs from Ozark on Tunefind. And as you get ready to say goodbye, let’s take a look back at the top 10 most popular songs from the series. 

Fan Favorite Songs from Ozark

Decks Dark

by Radiohead

from Ozark Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 1 · Sugarwood

At the end, Dad stops the car and walks out int…

I Got a Story To Tell

by The Notorious B.I.G.

from Ozark Soundtrack · Season 2 · Episode 1 · Reparations

The first song Ruth listens to as she waits, si…

Drip Drop

by Dion

from Ozark Soundtrack · Season 2 · Episode 10 · The Gold Coast

Ending credits

Paid In Full

by Eric B. & Rakim, Marley Marl

from Ozark Soundtrack · Season 3 · Episode 10 · All In

Darlene tells Ruth she shot Frank Jr's pecker off.


by Killer Mike

from Ozark Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 3 · City On The Make

At the end, Javi makes a toast; End credits.

Ça plane pour moi (Original 1977 Version)

by Plastic Bertrand

from Ozark Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 4 · Ace Deuce

P.I. Sattem's driving and interviewing sequence.

N.Y. State of Mind

by Nas

from Ozark Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 8 · The Cousin of Death

(0:08) Ruth drives to the motel; (0:23) Ruth li…


by Sampa the Great, Nadeem Din-Gabisi

from Ozark Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 11 · Pound of Flesh and Still Kickin'

(0:05) Ruth is on an airplane, listening to her…



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