Billboard’s May Top TV Songs Chart

Billboard’s May Top TV Songs chart is shining brightly on a wide range of artists and popular TV shows. Billboard’s chart includes four of Tunefind’s top TV song features while also highlighting some golden oldies and nostalgic new covers.

Check out the list below, counting down to the most popular TV song last month.  

fullmoon (Motion Graphics Remix)

by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Motion Graphics

from Love, Death & Robots Soundtrack · Season 3 · Episode 9 · Jibaro

(0:07) The siren begins to lead the knight upst…

After its placement in season 3 of the Netflix series Love, Death, & Robots, ‘fullmoon’ by Ryuichi Sakamoto takes the No. 10 spot on Billboard’s chart. Sakamoto is a multifaceted Japanese composer who throughout his career has won an Oscar, a BAFTA, a Grammy, and two Golden Globe Awards. 

I Saw the Light

by Todd Rundgren

from Ozark Soundtrack · Season 4 · Episode 11 · Pound of Flesh and Still Kickin'

(0:58) Marty and Wendy drive in traffic.

‘I Saw the Light’ by Todd Rundgren followed in the No. 9 position. The song was released as the opening track on Rundgren’s 1972 album Something/Anything?. ‘I Saw the Light’ received lots of attention after its placement in the final season of Ozark on Netflix. 

In the No. 8 spot is ‘You Spin Me ‘Round (Like a Record)’ by Dead or Alive, the track trended after its placement in Stranger Things season 4 part 1. The track was released in 1984 as a single before it reached number one in the UK in March 1985. Dead or Alive is an English pop band who over the course of their career’s have released seven studio albums, five compilation albums, and over twenty five singles. 

The Story

by Davis Naish

from Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack · Season 18 · Episode 20 · You Are the Blood

Meredith runs a code on Cora; Jo and Maggie wor…

No. 7 goes to ‘The Story’ by Davis Naish. Naish is a songwriter and producer originally from Nashville, TN living in Los Angeles, CA. The song is a Brandi Carlile original that was covered and placed in the Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale. This track, and other classic Grey’s cover songs were featured in Tunefind’s Top TV Song on June 3, 2022.


by Lily Meola

from NCIS: Hawai'i Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 20 · Nightwatch

(0:38) End montage.

No. 6 on the chart is held by ‘Sunshine’ by  Lily Meola. Lily’s smooth and cheerful vocals accompany the bright and tropical setting of NCIS: Hawai’i. The soft rock track topped Tunefind’s TV Charts on May 11, 2022

Fifth on the chart is ‘Chasing Cars’ by Tommee Profitt & Fleurie. This cover of the Snow Patrol original wraps up the Grey’s Anatomy two part season finale. The song takes Grey’s fans down memory lane, both visually and lyrically, and ends season 18 with a full circle moment. ‘Chasing Cars’ was Tunefind’s Top TV Song on June 3, 2022

And So It Goes

by Billy Joel

from This is Us Soundtrack · Season 6 · Episode 15 · Miguel

End montage; Spreading of ashes.

No. 4 goes to a classic song with feeling, ‘And So It Goes’ by Billy Joel. This track was placed in one of the final four episodes of This is Us. Billy Joel’s smooth vocals and melody-driven storytelling felt at home in the NBC family drama. Joel’s work also made an appearance in Tunefind’s list of This is Us Fan Favorites

In the third spot on Billboard’s chart, ‘To Build a Home’ by The Cinematic Orchestra featuring  Patrick Watson. This track received multiple placements in NBC’s This is Us throughout the shows six seasons. ‘To Build a Home’ was Tunefind’s Top TV song on May 18, 2022

Coming in at No. 2 is ‘A Man Without Love’ by Engelbert Humperdinck. Last month, Humperdinck was featured as Tunefind’s Artist Spotlight on May 31, 2022 after this song appeared in an earlier episode of the Marvel Studios series Moon Knight and reached the top spot on Billboard’s April chart. ‘A Man Without Love’ was placed in a later episode of the series, coming in at No. 2 on Billboard’s May chart. 

Running to the top of the charts at No. 1, this multi-placement song has been making headlines since the premiere of Stranger Things season 4 part 1. ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)’ was so popular it climbed Tunefind’s Trending Music chart and was featured as Tunefind’s Top TV Song on June 8, 2022


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