FAQ+: Tunefind Explains Unreleased Music, part one

Tunefind is often asked by the user community, “why aren’t all the songs available?” One simple question, various possible answers. Unavailable songs can be original compositions, cast performances, cover versions, and production music library tracks. To the dismay of Tunefind users and music fans everywhere, some songs are simply never released.

The good news is our relationships with music supervisors, labels, and artists allow us to express the interest for a release, and sometimes when the desire is strong enough the Tunefind community makes that happen. Because there are nearly 350,000 songs listed on Tunefind, our small team also relies on an automated system to scan Tunefind for songs that have been released since entry on the site and fixes those streaming links. 

Unreleased songs are used for a multitude of reasons including cost or clearance. Sometimes there is a plan to release the songs on a particular schedule to accompany the airing of an episode or movie release, or after a show season wraps. 

All the songs listed on Tunefind include links to Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube. Now, while the link buttons will always be listed with the song, they behave in different ways. The links to Amazon and YouTube will always be illuminated, but generate search results only. The links to Apple Music and Spotify will take you to those streaming services to download or purchase the track, but sometimes they are grayed out. When a streaming service link is not illuminated, or grayed out, that means the song is unavailable on that particular platform. 

Stay tuned for Unreleased Songs, part two where Tunefind will dive deeper into the different types of unreleased music.

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