Top TV Song Last Week: Darkness by Penelope Dow

The Netflix original The Recruit premiered on December 16, 2023, just in time for a holiday binge watch. Last week’s top TV song sent fans searching as soon as they heard it midway into episode 7. This top TV song has a unique spin to it because when the series aired back in December, this fan-favorite song was unreleased. 



by Penelope Dow

from The Recruit Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 7 · I.M.F.T.B.S.

Max and Owen get back to their hotel room after…

The Placement

‘Darkness’ by Penelope Dow is heard during a sultry and intimate exchange between main characters Owen (played by Noah Centineo) and Max (played by Laura Haddock). The first rhythmic mid-tempo notes are heard immediately after Max’s line to Owen, “Stop letting me be the one instinct you don’t follow.” The moment grows in intensity as the characters have a steamy exchange. The track is sensual, with smooth lyrics and R&B qualities. ‘Darkness’ plays on screen for about a minute as it guides the plot through the seductive interaction and through to the next scene before gently fading out. 

The Recruit Max and Owen played by Laura Haddock and Max Centineo
From left to right: Laura Haddock as Max, Noah Centineo as Owen

The Hunt

Fans wasted no time before taking to the internet in search of the stand out song. The same day the show aired on Netflix, threads started popping up on sites like Reddit and Twitter trying to identify the track. Tunefind was able to confirm the artist and title of the track with the series music supervisor, Justine von Winterfeldt and her team, however the song was unreleased at the time. 

To the dismay of Tunefind users and music fans everywhere, some songs are simply never released. The good news is our relationships with music supervisors, labels, and artists allow us to express the interest for a release, and sometimes when the desire is strong enough the Tunefind community makes that happen. Luckily for fans, this song wasn’t one of those never situations. The Tunefind team reached out to the music supervision team to share the fans interest in ‘Darkness’ with them. 

The Journey

The song was officially released on January 5, 2023 and revealed almost twice the track length compared to what fans first heard in the series. The release of the heavily searched-for track meant that it officially trended on Tunefind’s charts last week. There are nearly 350,000 songs listed on Tunefind and our small team also relies on an automated system to scan Tunefind for songs that have been released since entry on the site and fixes those streaming links. 

In addition to this placement in The Recruit, Penelope Dow has also received placement in the series Step Up: High Water


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