Top TV Song Last Week: Fuel to Fire by Agnes Obel

For the third week in a row, HBO’s new series The Last of Us features the most popular song on Tunefind last week. This song comes from a Berlin-based, Danish musician whose song is no stranger to sync placement and quickly climbed Tunefind’s chart.


Fuel to Fire 

by Agnes Obel 

from The Last of Us Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 5 · Endure and Survive

After the burial, Joel and Ellie continue their journey; End credits.


At the end of the fifth episode, Joel finishes shoveling dirt into a grave as ‘Fuel to Fire’ is heard. Ellie somberly comes over to the burial site and places a notepad on the ground as the song continues. Ellie begins to walk away and the two continue their journey before the end credits roll.

Agnes Obel is a singer/songwriter, producer, and classically trained pianist. She was born in Gentofte, Copenhagen and learned piano at a very young age. During childhood, Obel was inspired by Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson. Throughout her music career, she blends classical, jazz, pop, and electronic music. Agnes Obel has cited influences such as PJ Harvey and Claude Debussy while being compared to Ane Brun and Joni Mitchell

Obel released her debut album Philharmonics in 2010 and three years later, she released her sophomore album, Aventine, featuring ‘Fuel to Fire’. Agnes released a third album, Citizen of Glass in 2016 and two years later she made a deal with classical music label Deutsche Grammophon and curated a Late Night Tales compilation album. Her latest release is her fourth full-length album, Myopia, which was self-recorded/produced and released in 2020.

Agnes Obel has received placements in many TV shows and films including, but not limited to,  Clarkson’s Farm, In From the Cold, and People You May Know


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