Rosa Linn tops Billboard’s Top TV Song Chart

March’s artist spotlight is shining on songwriter and producer from Vanadzor, Armenia, Rosa Linn, following placement in Apple TV+’s original series Shrinking. Rosa Linn emerged from Armenia with her international hit breakup song ‘SNAP’ after competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. This up-and-coming artist is putting her viral fame to use as she prepares to tour as an opening act for Ed Sheeran on the North American leg of his +–=÷x Tour in the summer of 2023. 



by Rosa Linn

from Shrinking Soundtrack · Season 1 · Episode 8 · Boop

At the end; End credits.


Rosa Linn topped Billboard’s March top TV songs chart with ‘SNAP’ after the song was placed in the end credits of the 8th episode of Shrinking. ‘SNAP’ is heard after an emotionally charged father/daughter confrontation between main character Jimmy (played by Jason Segel) and teenage daughter Alice (played by Lukita Maxwell). After the conflict, the credits roll accompanied by ‘SNAP.’

In March 2022, Linn was selected to represent Armenia in that year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Rosa finished 5th in the semi-finals and 20th in the grand final. Following the contest, ‘SNAP’ went viral on TikTok and entered numerous countries’ national charts. In October 2022, Linn was confirmed to be an opening act for Ed Sheeran on the North American leg of his +–=÷x Tour between June and July 2023. In the same month, she released a new music video for ‘SNAP’ filmed in the United States, and a collaborative single titled ‘WDIA (Would Do It Again)’ with Dutch singer Duncan Laurence.

From the outside looking in, the odds seemed like they were against me – an unknown girl from a small town in Armenia. But the power of manifestation is real when it is combined with hard work; persistence; and just putting oneself out there. I’m excited to let people into my inner-world through my music.” – Rosa Linn

Roza Kostandyan, known professionally as Rosa Linn, was born in the northern Armenian city of Vanadzor, and around the age of six, she started playing the piano. By the age of 11 or 12, she had started creating songs. As a teenager, she lived in the United States for a year in 2018 as an exchange student with the US Government-funded Future Leaders Exchange Program, residing in Wisconsin. Rosa is the first woman music producer in her country and aims to become Armenia’s first global music artist and share the stories from her region in both English and Russian. 


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