Tunefind Community Guidelines

Here are a few simple rules we ask you to follow as an active member of the Tunefind community:

Don’t be a jerk.

It always amazes us that we have to write this, but seriously, be nice. We’re all here because we love music and we’re trying our best to identify that great song we just heard. Act like a jerk and nobody will want to help you. Participate in the Tunefind community in a spirit of helpfulness and the community will respond in kind, collaborating to find answers to your questions.

Sarcasm, demands, rudeness, mockery, excessive profanity and aggressive behavior never play well online and definitely are not welcome here. Admins will delete any comments that we feel violate the spirit and tone of our community and those users will be warned. Repeat offenders will be banned from the site entirely.

Respect musicians.

If you love music, support musicians. Buy or stream their music on legal platforms only. We systematically delete anything that looks like a link to an illegal download, torrent, or filesharing site, and/or legal filesharing sites being used to share music illegally. Not only does this help ensure musicians can earn a living and make MORE music for all of us to enjoy, it keeps Tunefind free of links to virus-ridden cesspools of the internet.

Respect music supervisors.

Tunefind is fortunate to have great relationships with lots of the leading music supervisors working in the business today. These are the experts - the people actually responsible for licensing the music that appears in the shows, movies, and games you love. This is why we can often get you answers on those hard-to-identify unreleased tracks.

Many of our music supervisor friends love to see the fans reacting to the music featured in their projects and are active here on Tunefind. You’ll see them (and their verified green checkmarks) chiming in to answer questions and clear up confusion. They do this because they genuinely enjoy helping people to discover new music. It’s not their job or their responsibility. They are incredibly busy people and they don’t owe you anything. See “Don’t be a jerk” above.

Don’t spam.

If it’s not a legit question or answer about the music featured in that particular episode, movie or game, don’t post it on Tunefind. We don’t want links to your website, your Spotify playlist, your YouTube channel, your own songs that you want people to stream, your favorite artists who are just so awesome, or your best goat gifs. Don’t do it.

Accounts caught spamming will be deleted without warning. Artists caught spamming will be placed on Tunefind’s blacklist. This means that even if you do, by some miracle, ever manage to get a sync placement somewhere, your songs will never, ever appear on Tunefind.


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