Tunefind FAQ

About Tunefind

The Internet's best source for music from TV and movies since 2005.

Tunefind helps you discover the music you've heard on TV shows, movies, and NEW! video games.

Lots of places: official lists released by the show, the Music Supervisors (the people who select the music) of the show or movie, official soundtrack albums, artists and labels, and from users like YOU!

If we get the song direct from the Music Supervisor (the people who select the music), the song will be verified automatically. If someone from our user community submits a song, it must be voted on and verified by the Tunefind user community. We use an accuracy-based algorithm that looks at a user's accuracy on Tunefind. The more accurate you are, the more power your vote has on the site. If you want to build up your power, submit and vote on songs!

We don't currently have an app, but our site has been optimized for mobile users and designed to be user-friendly for any device size. Feel free to bookmark Tunefind to add it to your home screen for quick and easy access.

Your accuracy percentage is determined by algorithm that looks at how accurate you have been when submitting songs and voting on Tunefind. The more accurate you are, the more power your vote has on the site. If you want to build up your power, submit and vote on songs!

Check out the Tunefind blog for Music Supervisor interviews, articles on popular music charts and more behind-the-scenes of music industry news!

For Users

Spam sucks. So we ask you to log in for any feature that allows you to post text, like scene descriptions or Q&A activity. We also ask you to log in if you want to submit songs on older episodes and movies. And, of course, you'll need to log in for anything that requires a notification back to you, like following shows or questions.

Check out the specific page for the TV show, movie or video game!

Unfortunately we can't help with requests to find specific songs. We wish we could, but we're just a small team and there aren't enough hours in the day to research songs and keep Tunefind running.

Here's the good news: this is exactly why we built Tunefind! There are literally millions of people visiting Tunefind each month and here to help. Go to the specific show episode or movie page and ask a question. Our community will do their best to find your missing song!

Post your question on the episode or movie page! There are literally millions of people here on Tunefind to help. Our community will do their best to find your missing song, and you'll get an email when they reply.

Pop the artist name into our search bar and you'll be able to see all that artist's songs and where they've appeared.

To get updates, just click the "Follow" button at the top of the page for your favorite shows or movies and you'll get an email update when we have new songs or Q&A activity about that show or movie. Restricted to registered users.

To remove, just click that same button to "Unfollow" and emails will turn off.

Click the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email notification, or click the "Unfollow" button right next to the original question on the website.

How To

Click the "Add Song" button. Enter the artist name and song title for the song you heard in that TV show, movie or video game.

If there haven't been any votes yet, just click the little trash icon to the right of the song. Once other users have started voting, I'm afraid you have to let the voting process play out.

If a song you added doesn't appear in the list, it probably has been voted incorrect by the Tunefind community. If you feel strongly this is an error, please contact us with full details of the episode/movie and song in question.

We always want the name of the artist and song actually featured in the show/movie to be listed. In cases where that version is not currently available anywhere, it's also helpful to submit the original version of the song, with an indication in the scene description that it's the original of the song actually featured. Note that Tunefind automatically checks iTunes and Spotify to see if songs have been released and will add links as they become available.

Click "Correct?" next to a song in the list. If you heard that song, select "Correct". If that song is wrong, select "Incorrect".

All songs have a minimum of 24 hours of open voting after submission. After that, a song will appear as verified as soon as enough users with high accuracy have voted to confirm it correct. On current episodes of very popular, high-traffic shows or recently released movies, this usually happens very quickly (often within that first 24 hours). On older shows and movies it can take longer for enough votes to be cast to move a song to verified status.

Voting improves your accuracy percentage and build up your power on Tunefind.

If nobody has responded yet, just go ahead and click the little trash icon to the right of your question. If you just don't want to be notified of responses, please unsubscribe/unfollow that thread (see above). If there have been responses and you really still want it deleted, contact us.

Logged in users will see a small icon with three stacked lines immediately below the play button on each song. Just click and drag that icon to put the songs in the correct order.

Logged in users can edit any scene description on the site, other than the ones verified and locked by a music supervisor. Note: This feature is restricted to logged in users to prevent spam.

The Particulars

All of our preview clips come from iTunes. If one is missing, that means that we weren't able to find a match on iTunes, or, in rare cases, iTunes doesn't provide a preview clip for that particular song.

If we aren't able to find an exact match on iTunes or Apple Music, we will grey out those buttons. We always provide buttons to Amazon, YouTube, and Spotify. If we have an exact match for Spotify, we will link direct to that song. In cases where we don't have an exact match, you will get search results within Spotify.

Our links to Amazon and YouTube are search results on those sites. Neither Amazon nor Youtube (or YouTube Music) provide a public API to allow us to automatically match to the specific tracks in question using a standard unique identifier (ISRC). If and when they ever do provide that capability, we would be happy to provide precise matching on those services, as well.

Production music libraries provide music specifically for licensing in tv, movies, ads, etc. Often that music isn't available commercially, so it can be difficult to track down. Some of the bigger libraries (Extreme Music, APM) do release songs for the public to buy/stream and in cases where they have done that, Tunefind will provide the links.

Go ahead and ask a question to see if anyone can identify it for you, but it's very possible that may be an original bit of score music written specifically for the show or movie by the composer. Many movies release albums of this original score, so it may be available on a soundtrack album. But only some television shows release soundtrack albums featuring the original score, and if they do, it's often at the end of the season. You may be able to find out more by researching the composer (check IMDb) and checking that composer's website or Twitter to see if they may have posted some of their score for listening or download.

It's also worth noting that sometimes that snippet of music featured in the show or movie is re-worked a bit for soundtrack release and it may not sound exactly like what you hear originally. It might be polished a bit, or expanded beyond the original 20 seconds into a longer piece. Sometimes a composer will even combine several shorter pieces from different scenes to create one longer theme.

When it comes to classical music featured in television and movies (and listed here on Tunefind), there are two things to keep in mind:

1. Given the sheer number of versions of various classical pieces and sometimes subtle variations that may not always be evident in the preview clips provided by Spotify or Apple Music, it can be very difficult for individuals to agree on which particular recording was featured. Fortunately we have our active community of folks like you and our relationships with the music supervisors and composers to help verify the correct details!

2. Importantly, when a track is listed on Tunefind via a search result provided by Apple or Spotify (which gives us those handy links to listen via those services), that artist field will be whoever Apple or Spotify has listed in the "artist" field in their database. The current practice of Apple Music and Spotify is to recognize the "recording artist" in the "artist" field, not the composer. Unfortunately, this is how they have standardized their data and we don't have the ability to override this.

Soundtrack albums can include songs originally composed score or performed by the cast. Only official soundtrack albums will be added with the new "add a complete album" feature. Contact us to add the album.

Ask a Moderator

Just contact us to submit your suggestion!

If you're certain and can cite sources, please contact us with the details, including the page where the error occurs, the correct info, and your confirming source(s).

To identify what is considered an illegal link check out the Tunefind Community Guidelines. If you see the use of illegal links in Q&A, please contact us.

For Artists, Managers, Labels, Sync Reps, etc.

Sorry, but this isn't a service we provide. One tip is to work through a reputable sync agent who has strong relationships with music supervisors.

You can certainly use Tunefind to do your research. Try to identify which shows feature artists like you / songs similar to yours, and who is the music supervisor for that show. Search Tunefind by artist and find a listing of all of the places where their songs have appeared, and research which companies represent them for sync. Many music supervisors are also active on Tunefind and maintain a user profile that includes links to their websites and info about their preferences around music submission.

We also suggest checking out the Guild of Music Supervisors and the UK & European Guild of Music Supervisors for helpful trainings and educational events about breaking into sync.

If you’re looking for help getting your music placed on TV shows or in movies, please check our blog, where we feature a lot of tips and information from music supervisors.

You're welcome to submit them on the relevant movie, episode, or game page. They will be subject to user voting, like all other songs submitted on the site.

Please do NOT submit your songs if they have not actually appeared in the show or movie. This is considered spam and usually only annoys us, the music supervisors, and our community. If we catch you doing it, we will turn off your account. If you keep doing it, you'll be banned from the site.

Typos happen and Apple Music / iTunes / Spotify sometimes move things around. We automatically try to fix links to the music services we feature, but this only works with an exact match. If we've got something that needs to be fixed, please contact us with full details, including url of the listing to be fixed, and the correct info.

Send an email to [email protected] with a high quality 1920x1080 pixel image (must not contain text).

Artist images can also be managed through Spotify, however these images are best viewed on the mobile version of Tunefind. If an artist desires a high quality image to be viewed on desktop computers, please contact Tunefind directly.

We don't want to alarm you, but sometimes the internet has incorrect info. It's shocking, we know. There could be lots of things going on here. If the song list says "Music Supervisor Verified," it's safe to assume the song was used. You should contact the Music Supervisor directly.

However, if the song is still open for voting on Tunefind, then our user community is still trying to confirm if the song did, in fact, appear. It's entirely possible that the show or movie used a song that may sound similar. Many audio content recognition apps sometimes mis-identify songs when there is dialogue or action over the music. And sometimes rumors spread like wildfire on these here interwebs.

We use a accuracy-based voting algorithm here on Tunefind to help ensure that our accurate voters have more influence and power on the site, while voters with no track record (or a poor one) have little to no influence on the site.

For Music Supervisors

Sweet. Contact us and we'll get you sorted. Along with listing your name or company, you'll get a spiffy profile page (like this or this), special powers for your Tunefind account, stats for your projects and more.

For Composers

Sweet. Contact us and we'll get you sorted. Composer credits will be listed at your request. Note: this is only possible if at least one of your songs has already been added to Tunefind.

For Developers / API Users

Yes! We offer a variety of plans via our API services. Please see additional details about Tunefind Data Services .

For Advertisers

We work with a number of leading advertising exchanges and also do direct sponsorships. Please see additional details about advertising in our media kit.