Life is Strange Soundtrack

Life is Strange Soundtrack

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Episode 1: Max walks through the hallway; On the bus.
Episode 2: Max turns on Radio, listens to this on the bus as she goes to the diner.
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Episode 1: Plays in Chloes room
Episode 2: At the beginning while Max wanders her room.
Episode 2: In the last cut-scene
Episode 3: Max and Chloe lying in bed the morning after they break into Blackwell.
Episode 3: Max sees the beached whales and returns to Chloe's house (the final cut-scene).
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Episode 4: Max and Chloe find Rachel
Episode 4: At the Vortex party
Episode 5: Play in the car when Max listen missed call from Nathan
Episode 5: At the end, at Chloe's funeral (determinant)
Episode 1: End montage. Also appears in Episode 5, in one of the two possible endings.
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Episode 1 (and a few others): Plays when Max wanders around the Blackwell Academy campus.
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Episode 3: Max and Chloe investigate Blackwell at night.
Episode 2: When you're looking for bottles, sit next to the tree and you can listen this wonderful song.

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