Life is Strange: Before the Storm Soundtrack

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Soundtrack

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Chloe and Rachel stop at a junkyard; End.
Damon stabs Rachel in the arm at the junkyard.
E3: Chloe takes a shower then dyes her hair blue.
Rachel burns her photograph and starts a forest fire. E3: Chloe returns to Rachel in the hospital after talking to Sera.
E2: Frank arrives at the junkyard. E3: James tells Rachel the story of her mother. (repeats) Chloe arrives at the burned down mill.
Chloe sits on top of a boat in the junkyard and watches the distant wildfire. E3: Chloe and Rachel laying on the bed.
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Chloe taking the picture of her Dad out of her Mom's drawer. Chloe comes across her dad's car in the junkyard; (repeats) Chloe dreams about him then wakes up and leaves the junkyard.
E2: Chloe sitting in the truck.
Chloe enters the garage to get David's wrench; (repeats) Chloe and Rachel talk at the junkyard; (repeats) Chloe sits on a bench outside Blackwell Academy before entering the dorm.
E1: Rachel asks Chloe to retrieve her belt in the drama room. E2: During the play. (repeats) During the credits.
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E1: Firewalk performs in the Old Mill.
E1: Chloe's radio the morning after she sees Firewalk at the mill.
Chloe's car ride dreams.
E1: Rachel and Chloe listen to music while on the train.
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Skip's demo; (repeats) On the radio in the junkyard.
E2: Chloe tags the bathroom after the meeting with Principal Wells.
E2: Rachel and Chloe walking home from the play.
At the end.
E3: Chloe goes up to Rachel's room to cheer her up.
E3: Chloe is driving her truck on her way to find Sera, and sees her dad.
What's the song skippy plays on the first episode*the demo of pissheads*
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