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Since 2005 Tunefind has been the leading site dedicated to tracking the music featured in TV shows and movies. Whether your app or site is focused on music discovery or TV and film entertainment, we can provide the most comprehensive data available to power fan engagement through music.


per month

Data as of 60 days ago

1 req / second

Non-commercial use


Recent and real-time data

Up to 100 reqs / second

Commercial use

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We'd love to talk about how we can help power your music discovery service. We offer a Starter plan for developers with small sites/apps. Our Enterprise plan is for commercial use and includes a variety of options around recency of data, Tunefind's proprietary trending data, mode of accessing the data and more. We can customize a plan based on your specific needs.

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-415-MUSICTV (1-415-687-4288) during San Francisco business hours.

Plan Details

Use of our data is subject to the Tunefind Terms of Use and Tunefind API Terms of Use. All plans start with a 14-day trial before your credit card is charged.

Starter Enterprise
Monthly Price $25 Contact us
Data Recency 60 days Recent and real time data
Requests Per Second 1 req / second Up to 100 reqs / second
Commercial Use Allowed
Comercial usage of the API is allowed
Complete REST API
Complete REST API for songs in shows and movies, including links to iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon
Text Search
Keyword search of tv show and movie titles and artist names
Scene Descriptions
Descriptions of the scene in which a song appears
Song Ordering
Order of song appearance in episode or movie
Theme Songs
Television show theme songs, where applicable
Full Branding Control
No Tunefind attribution required on your site/within your app
Direct Links
Direct links to iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon allowing your affiliate monetization
Autocomplete Search
Industry-leading autocomplete search API including typo-tolerance and synonyms
Music IDs
iTunes IDs for tracks, albums, artists
White-Label API
White-label API domain name
CORS Headers
Enable CORS to use Javascript API in frontend applications
Live Trending API
Real time data on songs, artists, television shows, and movies that are most popular on Tunefind
Song Confidence Score
API returns all song data (including those below standard API syndication level), along with a score indicating Tunefind confidence that the song appeared in that episode or movie
Batch Download
Batch data download from Amazon AWS or Google Cloud
Incremental Updates
Incremental data updates via delta API
Advanced API Authentication
Multiple API authentication methods including OAuth and JWT


View our API Documentation.


Is there a trial?

Yes. You will get a 14 day free trial with access to a trial data set that includes 2 months of Tunefind data. See the API Documentation for details. We ask for your credit card ahead of your trial, but you won't be billed until the 14th day and may cancel at any time from your Subscription Dashboard.

Why is the API not returning a song listed on Tunefind?

If there are songs not being returned by the API, it's either because the episode air date or movie release date isn't within the time period accessible for your plan, or because the song has not yet received enough user votes on Tunefind to be syndicated out via the API. We use a karma-based verification system to help ensure that our data is accurate before syndicating via the API. Customers who need comprehensive real time data may use our Enterprise plan to get access to complete song data (including songs not otherwise syndicated), along with a confidence score.

Can I use my own affiliate links?

API customers at the Enterprise level are welcome to monetize using their own affiliate accounts. Customers on the Starter level plan must use the song links provided by the API, per the Terms of Use.

Does the API include images?

No. If you're looking for high quality images for tv shows or movies, we suggest checking out the nice folks at fanart.tv, The Movie Database and IGDB.

Why is access restricted to older data?

Two reasons: This allows us to ensure fewer data updates to our Starter customers, and more current data is more valuable. Customers who need comprehensive real time data may use our Enterprise plan to get access to complete song data (including songs not otherwise syndicated), along with a confidence score. At the Enterprise level we can create a custom plan that provides data from 1 month old to real time, depending on your needs and budget.

Why am I getting a 401 Unauthorized error?

Please make sure you are using your API username and API password and contacting the correct endpoint, which can be found on your Subscription Dashboard. These credentials are different from your Tunefind website username and password.