Season 4

E9 · 52 Pickup

Agents Prentiss and Todd go undercover to profile a serial killer who uses... more

At the beginning where the victim and her sister are talking to the unsub
Very short clip while the unsub is seducing a new victim, she says “I Like your style”
When Reid and Morgan are giving out flyers
Second scene with Prentiss, Todd and Viper during the “Queen Bee” speech
Blog promo criminal minds
When the unsub is trying to seduce a new victim but the bartender recognizes him and intervenes
Prentiss is talking to Viper

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Can you tell me where I can purchase or find two of the songs from this episode, "Make U Wanna Dance" by Gen Rubin and "Around Here" by Peri? Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.
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what is the song playing during the conversation between prentis and viper in the club?
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